What Question do they ask DV Winners at DV Lottery Visa Interview?


DV Lottery interview Questions and Answer

People do ask question about the type of questions that are expected to be asked in the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery interview and what are the correct answers you need to have in order to guarantee you to be given the visa.

Remember, when you apply and win the diversity visa lottery doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee to have or to be given the visa. There are other things, there will be interview for that. But the interview for the diversity visa lottery is one among the easiest, the fastest type of the interview you’ll ever have, if you have ever been to the U.S Embassy by any case.

Why this type of visa interview is different and what type of the questions are they going to ask you?

They are not going to ask you questions which are part of what we call non-immigrant visa. Remember, the non-immigrant visa is the visa type where you apply to go to the United States of America for a specified period of time, like you are going as a student for two years in Master’s program and expect to come back to your country or to go for bachelor’s degree for four years and expected you to come back after finishing your studies.

For that particular case, most of the questions for non-immigrant visas will be towards you proving that you’ll be coming back to your home country. You don’t have the any type of intention to relocate and to stay there permanently.

But the good thing is the Green Card Lottery is immigrant visa, meaning you are going to be sponsored by the U.S government, guaranteed by the U.S government to become permanent resident of the United States of America.

For that case, they are not going to ask you a question like “Tell me or prove to me that you’ll be coming back to your home country”, “Tell me how much you love your country”, “Tell me how committed you are”. They don’t care all those kinds of things. But what then do they care about?

DV Lottery interview Questions and Answer

They are going to ask you to prove to them that you are who you are, but first they’ll just congratulate you for winning the DV lottery before even they ask you anything.

They are going to ask you about your education or work experience.

Question: What is your level of education?

Answer/Hint: My level of education is a bachelor’s degree, is high school, is masters.

Question: Show me the evidence. Give me the certification, give me the transcript you have.

Answer/Hint: You give to them your education documents.

Question: They might ask you, even if you have PhD, what do you do for a living? What’s your current job or what type of job do you do? Or what business do you do? If you say you do a certain job, they might ask you, do you have any documentation? How long have you been doing?

Answer/Hint: Prove to them by showing them your evidence which you need to have. They expect things like a contract letter from your employer, they expect things like a letter from your employer or ID. You need to have so many evidences to prove that you are who you are and you are working from there.

You have recommendation letter. You have any proof and documentation, including even the phone number of your supervisor or the owner or the manager who can verify in case they want to prove that.

Those are some of the questions they may ask you there. Other questions they might ask you are below:

Question: Which state are you going to leave?

Answer/Hint: I’m going to live in Virginia, I’m going to Washington, I’m going to live in Seattle, I’m going to DC, I’m going to Missouri, Kansas, or wherever it is you want to stay, you say it, they don’t care.


There is no right or wrong in which state you are going to stay.

Question: They might ask you, who is your host or what address are you going to stay? What is the relationship with that particular person?

Answer/Hint: I’m going to stay to this particular person, is my friend or is just the person I met online. I was looking for host is going to host me. My host is my relative, my nephew, my uncle, my classmate, whatever, they don’t care. As long as that person is not keen in criminal activities, they don’t care.

Question: They might ask you a question, what do you plan to do in America?

It doesn’t matter what answer you’re going to say, as long as it’s not a criminal related activity. If you say I haven’t made a full decision yet, maybe I might go to school or maybe I want to become a doctor or I want to join the military or I want to work in the warehouse.

Those are just some few questions they might ask just for curious that they want to know. After those questions, you are good to go. There are no many other questions.

That steps or that processes, it is less than three minutes if you are single. If you are married, it can go for five minutes and in the five minutes, they might ask some few questions to your spouse or a child. But those questions to a child or your derivative or dependent as a wife will not affect you in most cases for your visa.

They might ask your child, are you excited to go if you’re a child, what you plan to study? What’s your educational level?

Spouse education level has no impact in deciding whether to be given the visa or not to be given the visa.

This is the easiest type of the interview. About three minutes for a single, maximum five minutes if they’re married or someone with children.

Once you finish the interview, they will tell you to leave your passport with them. Your passport will remain there. They will tell you depending on the country where you are, either you come back on a certain day to take your passport, or they might tell you in some countries, they will send to you through DHL or whatever, certain location, depending on the country to country.

Within a week, maximum two weeks, you’ll have your passport. Once you have your passport, the visa’s term will be for six months to expire. You must travel to the United States within those six months.

Don’t wait too long. So within a month or two, if there is a possibility to travel, just make sure that you travel and go to the United States of America and start your life there.

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