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Misconceptions on DV (Green Card) Lottery

This guide will focus on the misconception or fake news, fake stories about the Green Card lottery applications.

There are so many issues, information, they are circulating around and people believe they are true about Green Card lottery. These are some of them.

Misconceptions on Green Card Lottery | DV Lottery Program

  • If you use someone who is in America to fill the DV lottery for you, you’ll be having higher chances of winning.

It doesn’t matter the person who is manually filling the DV lottery application form for you, or where the person is. Even yourself, if you are applying for the DV lottery and you’re in Europe or you’re in America, it doesn’t mean that you are going to win just because you were there, no, it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s a lottery.

Even if you live in America, it will never change your place of birth. Even if you win, if you are born in Africa, it will say AF as your case number. You will be processed as Africa regardless of where you are. If you are from Asia, even if you live in America, it will not change anything.

The location of the applicant, the location of the person who is filling the DV lottery application has nothing to do with increasing your chances of winning.

  • Filling the DV lottery on the first day or to be the first person to fill the DV lottery doesn’t make you the winner.

DV selection process is not done on a daily rolling bases. The selection process is even done during the application period, is done next year. It’s not going to be done right away, for you to be able to process immediately you submitted your application and you were the winner, no.

Someone can apply two hours before the deadline and win. You can apply like 30 minutes before the deadline and win. But is not advisable you to apply on the last day because something might happen. Maybe there is no electricity where you are or maybe the internet is down completely because so many people are applying on that last day.

Don’t wait until the last minute or last day before you apply. But don’t also rush your application. If you don’t have the picture of your spouse and the information for your spouse, don’t go to apply, because you want to be the first one to apply. There is no applying early means to win early, no.

  • If you are highly educated, you are likely to be chosen faster than the person who is not highly educated.

Not true. On the selection, they don’t care whether you’re primary school, whether you’re doctorate, they don’t care. It is only applicable when giving the visa, but it has nothing to do with the selection.

So when you don’t win, you don’t say you did not win because you didn’t go to high school, no. Or maybe because you don’t have years of experience, there is not even mention of the year of experience in the DV lottery application.

  • The time to apply DV lottery

This is another story which is not true. Some people think that if you apply during the midnight or 1:00AM is when you are going to win. Or if you apply on Sunday or Friday, that is the time you are going to win, no.

The day and time you apply or applied for DV lottery does not matter, but make sure you apply before the deadline and try to apply before last date to avoid any form of disappointment.


Find the time when you have good internet to apply, but don’t think that you have to force yourself to apply to certain time, that’s why you didn’t win.

  • Mistake on place of birth, wrong name spelling,

Another misconception is “maybe when I was filling the form, I made a mistake on place of birth, that’s why I didn’t win”. Or “maybe I made a mistake on the spelling of my name, that’s why I didn’t win”. Or “maybe I make a mistake on number of children, maybe that’s why I didn’t win”. These doesn’t stop you from being a winner.

As long your application was successful submitted and you didn’t do duplicate application, the photo was correct, obviously you’re going to be considered.

Although there are some factors that might cause you not to win. One of the biggest factor is the number of applicants, usually is higher than the number of people are going to be selected.

For instance, the DV-2024 lottery last year, after people applied, the results came out, 22,185,000 are the people who applied for the DV lottery application. Guess how many won? 143,000 won. Meaning one applicant in every 155 applicants became the winner of the DV lottery.

There is a chance in 155 people, one becomes the winner. Even if everything’s correct, you might not win.

You have to avoid these kinds of misconceptions. That you didn’t win because you made a mistake on the name, no, those are necessarily misconception.

Just apply, pray to God and continue through your life.

Those are some of the misconceptions when it comes to the DV lottery. Be aware of what you are talking about when it comes to these misconceptions.

Some people, they think they didn’t win because they applied as a single, no. Or “if I say I’m married, this U.S government is preferring people who are married, so I have to put my girlfriend or my boyfriend as married so that I’m going to win”, no, that’s misconceptions on Green Card Lottery.

Yes, people who are married have a higher chance because a husband will be allowed to apply and the wife is allowed to apply, so that if you (husband or wife) win, you can go with another one (husband or wife). So that’s two chances. But don’t say or think you are going to become the winner just by saying you are married. No, that is a misconception.

Be careful with what you believe about Green Card Lottery.

I hope that the information is clear and well understood.

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