Double or Triple Your Chances Of Selection In DV-2025 Application


DV-2025 Application: Doubling your chances of getting selected in the DV2025 lottery or tripling your chances of getting selected is exactly what this guide will focus on.

At the time of posting this guide, we have exactly one month to the DV Lottery 2025 application.

To apply for DV2025 lottery, you need to be well prepared and by preparation, have your photo ready. Your photo as the principal applicant together with all those members of your family that you will apply with.

Make sure you get your photo ready and because that is one major requirement. You don’t need to have a passport, only the passport photo that meets the requirements for you to apply the DV2025 lottery.

But remember, it is good also to have by your side the birth certificate, and this is not a requirement, but it is a good item, a piece of document that will guarantee you that you fill in the correct information.

Some people messed up with their place of birth or the city of birth. Others also messed up with their names and many other minor mistakes and they ended up not getting their visa.

So having the birth certificate by your side as you’re filling the DV lottery, together with those birth certificates of your derivatives, it is of great help. It will help you eliminate such errors, those mistakes that will cost you your visa.

How do you double or triple your chances of getting selected for DV2025?

Let discuss two sets of people:

  1. The couples or the parents, and number two, the children.

Every person from a qualifying country, an eligible country, and has met all their requirements, and they are simple requirements, having achieved a high school education or if not, have a qualifying work experience within the past five years, and that is a two-year work experience within the last five years. That is the only requirement.

Remember, it is either of the two, either a high school diploma or if you don’t have a high school diploma, then a two-year work experience within the last five years and you should be coming from an eligible country.

If you are a couple, that is to mean you are married, you can double your chances, the both of you. This is by you applying for the DV2025 lottery and including your spouse.

If you are the husband, you apply and then include your wife or your wife applies and includes the husband. That is how you double the chances, both of you apply, including one another.

  1. The Children

If you have children that are not married yet, they should be under the age of 21 years, then you also include. Also, if the wife fills as the principal applicant, she should includes the husband and the kids. The husband applies, includes the wife and the kids. All those kids that have fulfilled those qualification.


Remember, even if your kid is under 21 years of age but he or she is married does not count as a qualified derivative. The child must be under 21 and not married. By you doing that, you’ve doubled your chances of getting selected as the couple.

For tripling your chances of getting selected for DV2025 : How does it happen?

Your parents, both of them and each one of them applies and includes you as their kid. That is the father applies, includes the mother and you.

Again, the mother applies includes the father and you, those are two, and you also apply, that is three. So long as you have the high school diploma or certificate or you are just about to do your final exam in the high school education.

So if you are about to sit for your final exam, let’s say, for example, you will be doing your final exam at the end of this year. If you are there and you will be sitting for your high school final exam within this year, then you are qualified to apply for it because by the time the results will be out, that is May next year, you will have already sat for your exam and you will be having your certificate, that is the diploma.

So if you are in high school and you will be sitting for your final exam this year, just go ahead and apply.

In summary

How do you triple your chances as a kid?

If you are a kid and you are about to sit for your exam or you are under the age of 21 and you have your diploma, that is the high school certificate. Then you can triple your chances of getting selected by you applying for the DV lottery and then let your father apply and include you, because that is what is required, and your mother apply and includes you and the family.

By so doing, you will have a chance from your father, a chance from a mother, and a chance from you yourself. That is triple the chance of getting selected.

For doubling chances

If you are a couple, ensure that you apply the both of you, including each other in the application.

I hope that the information is clear and well understood.

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