Highest Case Numbers In DV2024 Per Region Revealed


CEAC website for DV 2024 is now open, the database is open for every DV 2024 winner to check their status and the Highest Case Numbers in DV2024 for each Region have been Revealed. That means you can now visit the CEAC website, put your case number information and gauge the status of your DV progress. The data was released by the U.S State Department.

The exact website where you can check for your case information is here. The CEAC information for DV2024 lottery comes out from the beginning of January 2024. When you open the site, put your information, and check your status. There are lot of information about the DV lottery 2024 from this website.

Another link to open is https://dvcharts.xarthisius.xyz/ceacFY24.html, it’s going to take you to the DV 2024 CEAC data page. This is the first DV 2024 CEAC data as presented by xarthisius website.

On this guide, we are going to consider three items, beginning with the table below, that table shows the statistics for the cases that have so far been scheduled for interview in the DV 2024 program, the issued visas, those under AP administration, those under 221G refusal, those refused ready transit and the totals for all the regions.

 DV2024 CEAC Data


In the first column, as you can see above, we have the various regions. We are going to concern ourselves to only two columns in this table. The first is the second column where we have the statistics for issuances, that is the number of visas that have so far been issued to DV 2024 applicants.

We see that at the bottom of that column, a total of 6,110 visas were issued during the months of October, November, and December. Another comment to make concerning this table is that the numbers you see outside of the parentheses represent the number of applicants, and what you have in parentheses represents the number of cases that those applicants belong to.

For example, the 6,110 that we see at the bottom of the issued column are the total number of applicants that have been issued visas from 3,074 cases. And that is why you have 3,074 in parentheses representing the number of cases and 6,110 outside of parentheses representing the number of applicants.

The next column to draw your attention to is the sixth column, which is the ready column. That’s the number of applicants that are currently scheduled for interview at the different U.S embassies and consulates. At the bottom of that column, we see that 6,792 cases are currently scheduled at the various embassies and consulates, and that amount to 14,721 applicants.

DV2024 CEAC Data for Embassies

The next item on this page that to consider is the DV 2024 CEAC data for embassies. That’s the next section on that page. If you scroll down a bit to where you have DV 2024 CEAC data for embassies, in the table that is presented there, we have the same information, but this time for individual embassies and consulate.

In case you would like to have details concerning interviews that have so far been scheduled at your embassy, then enter the name of your embassy in the space where you have choose an embassy.

The final item of interest to us is found at the top of this page. Just above the first table, there is a link that reads FY 2024 CEAC current CSV. Clicking that link will allow you to download the spreadsheet file that shows the current status of individual cases.

In addition to the current status of individual cases, that file also tells us how far interview scheduling has gone at your various embassies and councilors. For more explanations on downloaded file, continue to follow this site as you will learn the situation of interview scheduling at your various embassies and consulate in those weekly Embassy Performance Reports.

Highest Case Numbers In DV2024 For Each Region Revealed

The final thing concerning this first downloadable spreadsheet file for the DV 2024 program is that it reveals to us the highest case number in each region. And so for this year’s program, the highest case numbers are as follows:

For the Africa region, 122,907

For the Asia region, 42,876

For the Europe region, 66,932

For the North America region, 19

For Oceania, it is 4,999

For the South America region, it is 5,574.

Those are the highest case numbers in the DV 2024 program and that concerns the first CEAC data for the DV 2024 program. Those are just the first data. From now on, the data will be released regularly by the State Department. Xarthisius posts them to their website every weekend, and that is going to continue up to the end of the DV 2024 program.

As the data is made available by xarthisius, we will have the opportunity on this site to consider them.

How many cases there are before and after me?

If you’re a DV selectee you can check how many cases are in front of you by filling out the form in the box there, e.g Case number (e.g. 2024AF123)

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