How Much Does DV Cost After Winning? | Diversity Visa | Green card Lottery Expenses


Cost of Diversity Visa Lottery: After selection, how much are you supposed to arm yourself with to comfortably go through the process until you land in the United States? In this guide, we will discuss about how much the Diversity Visa will cost you after you’ve realized you’ve been selected from the lottery.

Filling of DV application is completely free. Filling in the DS-260 is also completely free. It does not require any payment.

But once you receive your second notification letter, that is the 2NL, then expenses start inquiring.

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Diversity Visa | Green card Lottery Expenses

  1. Medical Examination

After getting the second notification letter, you will be required to go through a medical examination in a medical examination office or facility specified by the Embassy in which you’ll get your interview.

When you go for these medical examinations, you are required to pay some fee for your medical examination. And the total amount of money required during the medical examination will depend upon many factors. E.g

  • How many Vaccinations will you be required?
  • How many people are with you?

So, if you are a family of five, you need to prepare yourself with enough money to cater every single individual in your family.

If you’re one person, then you will pay less. It depends with the number of people that you have in your application, it depends with the age that you are in and also it depends upon how many Vaccinations you will have to go through.

Note: Medical examination have to be done in office or facility specified by the Embassy in which you’ll get your interview.

  1. Visa Fee

The other expense that you have to prepare for is the Visa fee and this Visa fee, you will only pay it during the interview in terms of cash. So you walk in with the cash because you will not be required to enter with any electronic gadget inside the Embassy. So you have to carry it in cash.

What is the amount?

You need to get the current and actual amount from U.S embassy in your country home. The amount is per head. So if you are a single person, you will only pay for your Visa fee. But if you are a family of three, then you have to pay for each person.

  1. Green Card Fee

The other expense that you are supposed to prepare yourself for is the green card fee. The green card fee is totally different from the Visa fee.


This green card fee, you are supposed to pay it once you land in the United States, or you can decide to pay for it immediately your Visa is approved.

The green card fee is the fee that is used to facilitate the processing of your green card, once you enter the United States.

The total amount per head and you need to contact the U.S embassy for more details information.

Generally, those are the major expenses that each and every diversity visa winner will have to incur.

Other expenses

Apart from that, there might be other side expenses. For example,

i. if when selected, you have a family but the family does not have the passports. Remember, you have to pay for the passport because every person will have to have his or her passport. That’s a side expense.

ii. You will be required to apply for the police clearance certificate.

iii. Another major side expense is the ticket. The flight ticket to the United States. The flight ticket to the United States will also vary depending upon many factors.

The country in which you come from, the number of stops that you will have. It will also depend on the time that you book for your flight. It depends with many things. It varies with seasons, so there is no fixed price for the flight ticket. But it depends with all those factors, where you come from and many other things.

This guide will get you ready as you’re waiting for your interview or as you are waiting for your chance of getting selected.

I hope this information is useful to you.

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