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Tag Archives: U.S Student Visa

F1 Visa Tips – F1 Visa Interview Experience

F1 Visa interview

You need to read this guide very well if you have your F1 Visa interview coming up soon. In this guide, you will learn the key points to pass your F1 Visa interview and get your visa approved. 7 critical tips that you must know before appearing for your F1 …

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How to get your U.S (F1, J1) Student Visa approved in the Spring 2023 Term

How to get your U.S Student Visa approved

This guide is going to talk about Spring 2023 Visa updates. In this guide, you will learn all that you need to do to get your U.S (F1, J1) student visa approved for your Spring 2023 term. Many have deferred their program to the spring term. There are some who …

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How to Get H1B Visa as an F1 Visa International Student

how to get h1b visa

In this guide, we will learn how to transition from the F1 visa to the H-1B visa as an international student on F1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) or STEM OPT. This is particularly for international students who are F1 visa holders. That’s it’s not to say that if you’re a …

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How the U.S Visa Works | Step by Step Guide For Beginners

In this guide, you will learn how the U.S visa works, what the U.S visa status

How long can you stay in the USA on a non-immigrant visa? As a U.S non-immigrant, you must know the difference between U.S visa (and its period of validity) and U.S visa Status (which determines your duration of stay in the U.S). In this guide, you will learn how the …

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Categories of U.S work visas | U.S work visa types | U.S Work Visa Guide

u.s. work visa types

Work in the U.S on a working visa: In this guide, we will learn how to get the different types of U.S work visas, that allow you to live and work in the United States on a temporary basis. Some of these work visas include the E1, E2, H1, L1, …

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U.S New Immigration Visa : America Competes Act, 2022

America Competes Act, 2022

Joe Biden supports new legislation to propose startup visas to attract talent to U.S. The ambitious America Competes Act of 2022 which was introduced in the U.S House of Representatives, proposes to open up new vistas for talented individuals from across the world with a new startup visa. In this …

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What To Expect After Filing F-1 OPT EAD Application with USCIS

Filing F-1 OPT EAD Application with USCIS

Filing F-1 OPT EAD Application with USCIS: Every day there are thousands of applicants who are filing some type of immigration form to USCIS for the sake of claiming some type of US immigration benefit. The challenge some of these applicants might have, especially when you’re a first time applicant …

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Form I-20 Travel Signature Explained (F1/J1 Visa International Students Travel Tips)

Form I-20 Travel Signature

In this article, you will learn about the travel signature on the form I-20 and DS-2019 given to F1 visa and J1 visa international students, respectively and what you can do if you travel outside the US with an expired travel signature. It’s very important to pay attention to your …

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U.S Green Card by Employment | Step-by-Step Guide for EB1, EB2 & EB3 Green Cards

How to Get a US Green Card

U.S Green Card: In this guide, you will learn about the employment-based green card process with USCIS, highlighting the different steps working professionals in the EB1, EB2, and EB3 have to go through when trying to get a US green card. This guide will only focused on the steps required …

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Types of U.S Employment-Based Green Cards (EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4 and EB5 Explained!)

Types of US Employment-Based Green Cards

EB1, EB2 and EB3 (Types of U.S Employment-Based Green Cards), these terms are abbreviations of the different employment based green card categories for foreign nationals seeking to leave and work permanently in the United States. Did you know that every year, a good number of U.S employment green cards are …

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How to apply for CPT for International Students (Best Tips To Get Curricular Practical Training)

How to apply for CPT for International Students

Learn how to apply and get CPT (Curricular Practical Training) as an F1 visa international student, as well as the best tips to get a CPT internship or a multi-semester co-op job opportunity. What is CPT? CPT (Curricular Practical Training) is considered as an employment that is INTEGRAL to an …

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BEST Steps to Follow After Receiving Form I-20

I-20 form sample

Have you received your Form I-20 and are wondering what the next steps are? In this guide, you will learn the simple 3 step process to follow after receiving your Form I-20 as a prospective U.S international student. The I-20 form is a certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status. What …

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Understanding the Form I-20 for F1 Visa International Students (The Ultimate I-20 Guide)

I-20 form sample

In this article you will learn all about the Form I-20 given to F1 visa international Students. We will learn what it is Form I-20 and what it’s used for, how you can get one, what’s contained in the documents and how to fill Form I-20 for F1 Visa International …

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How to fill DS-160 form for USA | Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application DS-160

Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application DS-160

Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application DS-160: The DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form, is for temporary travel to the United States, and for K (fiancé(e)) visas. Form DS-160 is submitted electronically to the Department of State website via the Internet. Consular Officers use the information entered on the DS-160 to process …

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Useful tips to Avoid being Rejected for the USA Student Visa

US student visa rejection reasons

This brilliant and educative article will focus mainly on US student visa rejection reasons, how to apply for the right study visa for USA, how to handle the US student visa interview and common questions you should expect during the visa interview. USA Student Visa The moment you were waiting …

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