This article will teach you the best way to introduce yourself in a job interview.

If you have an interview coming up anytime soon for any role or company, they will say to you right at the very start, please start off and introduce yourself. The response you give could be the difference between a pass or fail.

How to Introduce Yourself in a Job Interview

To give the perfect job interview introduction, below are the things this article will cover:

  • Reasons explain why you will be asked to introduce yourself at the start of your job interview. There are two reasons why they will ask you to introduce yourself. You need to know what those reasons are to give the perfect answer.
  • Eight powerful words to use in your job interview introduction.
  • Three (3) brilliant example answers to the interview question, “Introduce yourself”.

Reasons explain why you will be asked to introduce yourself at the start of your job interview

Below are the two reasons why the hiring manager will say to you right at the very start of your interview, please introduce yourself:

  1. Simply because it gets you talking.

You are going to be the most nervous right at the start of your interview, and by giving you the chance to talk about something you should know a lot about yourself, it helps to really calm your nerves.

Make sure you practice your job interview introduction several times before you attend your interview because this will give you the confidence to give a great response and it sets you up for the remainder of the interview by practicing your answer. It also tells the hiring manager that you have good communication skills.

  1. They want to hear how you are going to add value to their team.

In your job interview introduction, you need to talk about the skills, qualities and qualifications you have, any courses you have completed, or certifications attained.

Eight powerful words to use in your job interview introduction

Below are eight best words you can use to answer that question, introduce yourself.

  1. Team player.

If you are a team player, it means you fit quickly into a new team. You support your co-workers and also focus on the team goal or objective.

  1. Cost-conscious.

You should say in your job interview introduction that you take a cost-conscious approach to your work. This means that you use company supplies and resources carefully to help your employer save money.

  1. Problem-solver.

This means that you take ownership of difficult challenges instead of either ignoring them or leaving them for other people to deal with. Employers nowadays want to take people on who take ownership of difficult problems and challenges.

  1. Resilient.

If someone is resilient, it means they remain calm in difficult situations and focus on achieving a positive outcome.

  1. Adaptable.

You can also use the word flexible if you want. I am a flexible and adaptable person. This means that you are prepared to work additional hours for pay, overtime and also complete tasks that are sometimes outside of your job description.

It shows that you are adaptable and you are willing to help the company in its times of need.

  1. Results-driven.

If you are results-driven, it means everything you do at work is centered on achieving great things for your employer. You are not going to work and just doing the bare minimum.

You are always saying to yourself, how can I achieve a positive outcome for my employer in my work? Say, you are a results-driven person and it will grab the attention of the hiring manager.

  1. Continuous improvement.

Some people don’t like to develop, they don’t like to improve. But you are going to be different.

If you take on board continuous improvement and development, it means you have the mindset that there is always something new to learn and that’s important if you are going to be a productive employee. You are open to change and you are willing to continually improve.

  1. Attention to detail skills.

If you have attention to detail skills, it means that you don’t make stupid mistakes. Instead, your work is always completed to a high standard.

There’s eight brilliant words you can use as part of your job interview introduction.

How to Introduce Yourself in a Job Interview Sample Answer

  1. For those people who are new to the workplace and who have no previous work experience.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed for this position today.

I studied the job description before applying, and have the skills, qualities and knowledge to add long-term value to your team.

I am resourceful, fast working, have strong attention to detail skills, and always support my co-workers to ensure the team achieves its objective.

I have qualifications in subjects that are aligned with this industry, and the courses I have completed, including Microsoft Office and Customer Service certification will empower me to hit the ground running in the position.

Outside work, I take good care of myself, meaning my concentration and energy levels are always high. I also play team sports, demonstrating my ability to collaborate with other people, and I have a keen interest in self-development.

I would like to build a long term career at your company and if you hire me, I will ensure you see a positive return on your investment and do all I can to help you maintain your position as a market leader.”

That is a brilliant answer to that first interview question, “Introduce yourself”.

Example Answer 2:

“Thank you for this opportunity.

After graduating from college with qualifications in Mathematics, Computer Science and psychology, I worked in several positions where I developed the workplace skills of customer service, working under pressure, managing multiple tasks and solving day-to-day problems.

I am a high achiever. For example, in my previous job I won Employee of the Month and helped the business improve customer service standards by obtaining regular feedback from customers.

I am very passionate about this work and industry, and having researched your company, I believe my interpersonal skills and personal values will be a great fit for the team.

If you hire me, I will be a great role model for the company brand, take responsibility for my ongoing development, so I am always a useful asset to the team and take ownership of difficult problems to ensure a successful outcome.”

  1. Example answer for inexperienced candidates.

If you are someone who has little or no previous work experience, this job interview introduction is perfect for you.

“Thank you. My name is [Insert Your Name] and I would describe myself as a positive, industrious, forward-thinking team-player who wants to make a difference in their work.

Although I am new to the working environment, I have the passion, dedication and qualifications to become a productive and valuable member of your organization.

I already have a track record of achievement. In addition to attaining excellent academic grades, I have won several sporting events with the team I am a part of and I received high praise during a work placement for my contribution to the team.

I have ambitious plans for the future and want to build a long-term career in this industry.

The benefit of hiring me with no experience is I am hungry to learn and you can train me to be the perfect employee.

I believe your organization will help me realize my full potential and I look forward to sharing with you further details during this interview as to how I will be a great fit for this role.”

There’s three top scoring, brilliant answers to that first interview question, “Introduce yourself.” They are great samples.