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Learn How to Qualify to Win the Best Scholarships to Study Abroad

To qualify to Win the best Scholarships to Study Abroad, there three major and essential qualities to win a scholarship. The best investment is to grant access to quality education, mentorship and training to young people, mostly from developing countries, so that this people will go on to make significant impact in their communities based on what they learn.

There are majority of students that approach scholarship applications with almost zero knowledge about why this scholarship is offered, what the scholarship provider stands for, their vision and mission, the purpose and objective of the scholarship and how they fit into all of this. To be realistic, nobody wants to give away money without a reason.

3 Essential Qualities to Win the Best Scholarships to Study Abroad

Every funding organization has a clear reason for giving away money to strangers. It is your job as an applicant to find out the purpose of every program you want to benefit from. If you can demonstrate strength in this three essential qualities, you will create an impression with any scholarship committee.

  1. Academic Performance

Whether it’s a need based on merit based award, most scholarship providers will take into consideration your overall commitment to academics. Even if the scholarship does not require a high level of academic performance, the provider will consider your grades or any indication that you take your studies seriously.

After all, the organization wants to keep a track record of awarding scholarships to deserving candidates. Usually the minimum academic requirement expects candidates to cross that minimum threshold.

A well rounded and well presented applicant with second class upper result will stand better chance than a first class candidate who has nothing else to show. If you do not have an excellent result, you do not have to write off scholarships just yet. There are scholarships that accepts below excellent grades, but as you can imagine, they are even more competitive. The safe path is to work on the academic performance while you have the chance.

  1. Extracurricular Activities and Volunteering

Extracurricular activities are anything you do that is no part of your school curriculum. They are informal education that helps you develop other parts of your humanity beyond academics. Volunteering is a form of extracurricular activity where you contribute your time and skills to serve a course.

Outside classroom, the scholarship judges want to know what activities you are involved in. Volunteering for a cause you believe in show not only that you are civic minded, but also that you care about something broader than your own advancement.

According to past Mandela Rhodes and Commonwealth scholarship winner by name Leticia: “Winning scholarship was not only about having good marks academically, but above extracurricular and volunteer activities that I was involved with. I was always engaged since high school. It wasn’t just about studying at university, it was also about being involved in different associations that I could be involved with.”

You can also talk about how you have been involved in track and field events, playing musical instruments in church and so on, because it will play a role in getting you a scholarship.

In addition to all the benefits of extracurricular activities, you can easily get letters of recommendation from your supervisors who will emphasize your commitment and dedication. However, don’t get involved in activities because you want to get a scholarship. Instead, you should do it because you love and care about what you’re doing. Realize that apart from the possibility of getting scholarships, you are also building your personality and career from those activities.

  1. Leadership Potential

The most prestigious and high incentive scholarship awards go to candidates that demonstrate leadership potential. If you excel in both your academic and extracurricular activities, you must have demonstrated leadership potential. According to Charles, a scholar in the game of chess, the king is the most important, but the queen is the most powerful. Leadership is like the queen, while academy is like the king.

Leadership potential is not demonstrated by the positions you have held, but by how you have influenced yourself or other people to handle situations and solve problems around you.

If you have made any positive impact through your voluntary and extracurricular activities, you can use this to demonstrate your leadership ability in your applications.

In Summary

Organizations expect something in return when giving away scholarship money. Your job is to identify what you have done that fits the objective of the scholarship provider, then highlight those activities, achievements and interests that will make the most positive impression on whoever is evaluating your application.

Hopefully this educative article helps you be better prepared to explore the numerous funding opportunities out there and I believe you have learned one lesson or more from this post article. Don’t forget to share this post article out so that someone else will learn too. Thanks.


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