How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” for Fresh Graduates and Experienced Candidates


In this very important job interview post, you will learn how to answer “Tell me about yourself” in interview, both for Freshers (those people with no previous work experience) and Experienced Candidates.

Right at the very start of your job interview, the hiring manager will say to you, tell me about yourself, how you answer this first question could be the difference between a pass or fail.

How to answer “Tell me about yourself” in an interview

To help you answer the interview question, tell me about yourself, to not only get the highest scores possible, but also impress the hiring manager, this post will cover the following three things:

  • Reasons why the hiring manager will say to you at the start of your job interview, Tell me about yourself. There are two reasons why they will ask you this tough question.
  • Four (4) things you should include in your answer to the interview question, “tell me about yourself”, including a brilliant, easy to remember structure you can use.
  • Two brilliant, top scoring answers to that question, Tell me about yourself. One of the answers is for experienced candidates and the other answer is for fresh graduates (those who have no previous work experience).

Reasons why is the hiring manager going to say to you at the start of your job interview, “Tell me about yourself”?

There are two reasons.

Reason #1: Because getting you to talk about something you should know a lot about yourself will help to reduce your interview nerves. You will be the most nervous at the start of your job interview, so when the hiring manager says to you, “tell me about yourself”, it gives you the opportunity to start talking.

Make sure you practice your answer to the question “tell me about yourself”” several times before your interview.

Reason #2: Because it quickly allows them to assess your communication skills and to determine whether or not you are going to be a good fit for their team.

That is why your answer must be confident and contain four important areas.


Four important areas you should include in your answer

  1. Skills

Talk about the skills you have that match the job description.

  1. Education and experience

Briefly mention the educational qualifications you have and also any relevant experience you can bring to the company.

  1. Achievements

Talk about any significant achievements you have gained in your work or personal life. If the hiring manager sees you are a high achiever with a track record of success, they will definitely be more likely to hire you.

  1. The type of person you are

Tell the hiring manager the type of person you are and what you will do for their company.

Those four things stand for SEAT.


How to answer a Tell me about yourself question during an interview

Below are two brilliant, top scoring answers to that interview question, “tell me about yourself”.

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answer For Experienced Candidates

“Thank you for this opportunity. I am a positive, supportive and dynamic employee with the skills to match the job description. I am a fast worker and good communicator, will solve problems quickly, and have the relevant customer service skills to make a difference in the position.

I graduated from college with qualifications in subjects that will benefit me in this role. I have experience managing multiple tasks in teams and am competent in using all Microsoft Office applications.

I have a track record of achievement. I have won several sporting events with my team and have won employee of the month in my previous job.

If you hire me, I will be a great role model for the company brand and take responsibility for my ongoing professional development, so I’m always a great asset to the team.

I promise to commit to the company long term to ensure you see a great return on your investment and assist you in becoming the market leader.”

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answer For Freshers (Fresh Graduates) and those people with no previous work experience

“My name is Steve [Insert Your Name], and I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be interviewed for a position at your company today.

I recently graduated from college with qualifications in mathematics, psychology and computer science. During my time at college, I learned the important values of discipline, maintaining high standards and providing support to other students in their pursuit of success.

My personal characteristics can be summarized as positive, enthusiastic, determined and resilient. I am always eager to take ownership of challenging situations as they arise.

Approaching my career with an open mind, I come to you as a blank canvas, free from preconceived ideas about the workplace. I am excited about the prospect of being trained to excel as a valuable member of your team.

If I am fortunate enough to join your organization, I am committed to building a long term career here. My goal is to become a dependable and trustworthy employee who consistently adds value to the business and supports its daily operations.”

There’s two brilliant answers to that first very difficult interview question, “tell me about yourself”.

I wish you all the best for passing your job interview.