Take These Tips To Pass Your DV Lottery Interview


Let discuss in details about how to go through your DV interview process successfully. Learn the major and key points regarding the DV Lottery interview.

Tips To Pass Your DV Lottery Interview

In your second notification letter, it will contain the destination of your DV Lottery interview. It will state the address of the embassy or the consulate for your interview. In that destination details, you’ll also see the time of your interview and the date of your interview.

The first important thing for you to do, is to make sure that you present yourself on that date and at that time before the consular or the consulate or at the embassy.

Don’t be late. If your interview is at 9:00 AM or 7:00 AM, make sure you are at the location of your interview before that scheduled time.

The councilor officer will interview you as the principal applicant together with your derivatives or the beneficiaries. Your spouse and your children, if you have that is important to note.

Sometimes they may interview you alone. But some other times or depending on the consulate or the consular officer, they might interview also your derivatives.

Ensure during your interview, you go with all the members that are in your application, all the beneficiaries, your spouse and the children, including the adopted children, if you listed them.

It is possible for you to attend the interview alone if you are not intending to relocate immediately with your derivatives. But it is highly advisable if you can, make sure you are interviewed with your beneficiaries at the same time and on the same date. Go with them to the embassy.

But if it is not possible, maybe you are in one country and your derivatives are in another country and there is no way you can come together, then you can go for your scheduled interview and also talk with the embassy or the consular officer for the planning of your derivatives interview.

The derivatives interview in this case should happen before the end of the fiscal year, and that is 30th of each September.

So that year in which you are required to conduct or to go through your interview, make sure September 30th does not reach before your derivatives they receive their interviews and their visas.

Because if it goes past without them receiving their interview, then they cannot relocate or come to live with you in the U.S. You will have to file a petition for them to join you in later years after you have relocated to the United States, and it will be a lengthy and a tedious process.

Remember, if it’s possible, go with the derivatives during the interview to be interviewed together.


If at all you are not able to attend the interview on the scheduled date, you have to call the embassy early enough and inform them to reschedule your interview date. But again, the interview date should not go beyond the end of the fiscal year, 30th September. This is very important.

Note that in some countries, the visas are exhausted or get exhausted before the end of the fiscal year. So for you to reschedule your interview to a later date might be very risky.

Important documents that you need when you attend your interview

  • The appointment letter, i.e the second notification letter (2NL). You print it and go with it through the interview as a printed document.
  • The DS-260 confirmation page.

This is the sample of confirmation page that you’re supposed to print for the DS-260 and present it during the interview.

  • The passports, both for you as the main applicant and the derivatives, the beneficiaries, the spouse and the children. Don’t leave them behind.
  • The photos. These photos, they should meet the requirements of two-inch by two inch in size and they should be of good quality.
  • The medical examination reports for all your beneficiaries together with yours.

Some medical centers will give you a sealed envelope containing the results that you are not supposed to unseal or to break the seal, but present it as sealed during the interview. Others will send the results directly to the embassy.

Other documents are the documents supporting your DS-260. They are called the supporting documents. This include the work experience document or the education documents, and every other documents that you filled in the DS-260, including the marriage certificate, the birth certificates for every individual, the police clearance certificates for all individual above 16 years of age in your application.

All these support documents, you are required to go with them without leaving them behind to the embassy.

Finally, if your language or your documents are not in English translation, then provide the English translations of the documents.

Don’t forget to carry with you the visa fee. It is normally per every individual that is in your application. You can find out more about the amount from your embassy.

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