United States Visas Terminology

Below are the United States Visas Terminology:

1NL – First Notification Letter (Selection letter)

221g – AP Refusal after interview, not final

2NL – Second notification letter (Interview letter)

AP – Administrative Processing

AV – Visa numbers have been allocated, and the case is ready to be scheduled for appointment

CEAC – Consular Electronic Application Center

CN – Case Number

DOS – Department of State

DS260 – Immigrant Visa Application Form

DV – Diversity Visa

INTS – Case has been scheduled for an appointment

KCC – Kentucky Consular Center

NVC – National Visa Centre

PCC – Police Clearance Certificate

POE – Point of Entry

RV – Case processing is complete, and the case has been reported for the allocation of visa numbers

USCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

VB – Visa Bulletin

Those are some of the United States Visas Terminology.

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