Process to follow if you get married after DV Application or after DV Lottery Results

Assume someone is applying the DV lottery, on the day of the application that person is unmarried. Maybe one month later, the person is married. What happens? What if i get married after DV lottery?

Will you be allowed to add your wife or your husband, if you got married after application or if you get married after the DV lottery results is out?

Above are some of the questions many individuals applying for DV lottery program asked regularly.

The answer to these questions is yes.

If you are among those that will be selected or have been selected successfully from the DV lottery program, there will be no problem at all to add that particular person (your spouse) but you can only do that when you are filling the DS-260 form.

Any change in marital status after applying for DV lottery program or after the results is out, it will not affect you negatively in any way.

The problem will be if on the day of your DV lottery application, you are married and you lie, you say you are single, or you are single, you lie, you say you are married.

But if you are single and you get married after the DV lottery application, you’ll be able add your spouse when filling the visa form, i.e DS-260 form, and then you’ll be able to go together to the United States, if you both of you pass the DV interview successfully.

The only difference is this way, on the DS-260 form, if you are married on the day of application and you include you are married, when you go to the visa form (DS-260), when you put your confirmation number and everything, you sign in to the DS-260, you will also see the name of your wife or your husband, and if you have children, their names will be already in the DS-260 form.

But if after the DV lottery application you go and get married after or you have a child later, you will manually add those dependents in that particular form (DS-260). That’s the only difference.

But obviously, you need to have evidence to prove that you got married after the application or after the results, to show that the marriage is the bonafide marriage, not the scam, immigration scam or immigration fraud. Maybe you want just to get the benefit of the immigration to go to America through Green Card lottery.

What if I get married after submitting DS-260?

Report the marriage and provide documentary evidence at your interview. The consular official should request that your spouse file their own application for a derivative immigrant visa (and pay the fees.)

The consular official will interview you both to determine the genuineness of the marriage. If they are convinced your marriage is genuine and you both otherwise qualify for visas, you’ll be issued DV immigrant visas. You must then either immigrate together or you must immigrate first followed by your spouse.

I hope the information is very clear.

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