Mistakes that will deny you the Diversity Visa, even if you get selected


It’s good you go through this guide, so that you will know those mistakes that you can get selected with but will definitely deny you your Diversity Visa (DV). With these errors you will get selected BUT you will be denied the Green Card Visa.

In other words, you may have been selected or you will be selected or you may be selected with these mistakes, but you getting the diversity visa is a dream that may not come to reality. You will definitely be denied the visa.

Mistakes that will deny you the Diversity Visa even if you get selected

Below are the mistakes that you can do and you may get selected, but you will not be given your visa:

  1. By selecting the wrong country of eligibility.

If you lie about your country of eligibility during your application, you may get through the selection process, but you will not be given your visa. You will definitely fail your interview.

  1. By selecting the wrong level of education.

Yes, if you select the wrong level of education, you may get through the selection process, but during the diversity visa processing, you will get denied your visa.

Don’t make any mistake when selecting your level of education. If you have a high school diploma, select the high school degree. If you don’t have select, you don’t have, don’t lie about your education level, you will definitely get denied your diversity visa.

  1. By selecting the wrong marital status.

Wrong marital status will deny you the visa even though you get through the selection process.

If you are single, why not select single? Why put married? Because you have a girlfriend, she is not your spouse. You have a boyfriend and he is not your spouse. If you are single, you select single.

If you are legally married, select you are married. And if it is to a spouse that is a United States citizen or a green card holder, select married to a U.S Citizen or a legal permanent resident.


If it is not a spouse from the United States, select not from the United States. Don’t lie on your spouse and your marital status.

If you are separated and you have the separation documents, select separated. If you don’t have the legal separation document, you have to select married. If you are divorced with the divorce certificate, then you select divorce. But if you are divorced and you don’t have the legal divorce documents, don’t select divorce. You have to select married.

Don’t lie about your marital status. You may get through, but you will not receive your visa.

  1. By lying on the number of children that you have.

Remember that the children that are legally allowed to be added as your derivatives include your natural children, your step-children and your legally adopted children, and nor anyone else.

Therefore, indicate the correct number of children that you have and include their details. Don’t lie in it.

Even if you are single and you have a child, include that child.

Therefore, those are the mistakes that you may get selected with but you will definitely be denied your diversity visa. Don’t commit these mistakes.

I hope the information is clear.

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