You Have Been Selected in DV Lottery | What is the First Notification Letter?


What is DV First Notification Letter, 1NL?

This is the first notification letter that you will receive when you check for your DV lottery results, if you applied for the DV Lottery for the fiscal year.

When May 6 comes and you check for the results to see if you are selected. If you are successfully selected, the first information that you will receive is called the First Notification Letter, 1NL. First Notification Letter is the letter that unveils your case number if you are selected in DV Lottery.

Sample of DV First Notification Letter, 1NL

Below is the first notification letter sample for DV-2024.

Sample of DV First Notification Letter, 1NL

The letter will have the title head containing your information. It will read May 6, 2023, your name, your place and everything, and then it will say, “Dear [Your Name].”

The random selection for further processing in the Diversity Immigrant Visa program for the fiscal year 2024, will start October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024.

Selection does not guarantee that you will receive a visa because the number of applicants selected is greater than the number of visas available.

Therefore, it is very important that you carefully follow instructions to increase your chances of possible visa issuance. The instructions are loaded in the Department of State’s website.

All DV applicants must use their online DS-260 form immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application. Your case will not be scheduled for an interview appointment until a visa number is available.

If you have submitted a complete valid DS-260 application for each of your family member and you have provided copies of all required documentation to Kentucky Consular Center, KCC, you will receive document submission instruction by email after KCC processed and accept the DS-260 form for you and for any accompanying family member.

If you are scheduled for an interview, you will receive an email notification message to the email address that you provided on the initial application.

Make sure you notify KCC at this email,, if your email address changes to ensure you receive all notifications regarding your diversity visa case.

If you need to contact Kentucky Consular Center KCC about your case, you may write to same email. When writing to KCC, you must always include your name, your case number as they appear in the first notification letter.

You must also include your complete date of birth as stated on your original entry.

You will find the case number assigned to you at the down side of the letter.


Basically this is a sample first notification letter that you will get and as you go through the information, it says being selected does not guarantee visa issuance and so you have to follow all the instructions carefully for you to increase the chances of you getting the visa.

Also, your interview will only be scheduled once you have submitted a duly filled DS-260 form, it’s been processed and approved by the KCC.

Although, currently, the part of providing documents to KCC or sending documents to KCC is no longer there. You are not supposed to send any documents to KCC as at this moment it was removed, and this was to speed up the DS-260 processing.

At the moment for the DV Lottery 2023 and DV Lottery 2024, unless things change, you will not be required to submit the documentation.

If your first notification letter says you have submitted your DS-260 form, it has been processed and it is correct. Then a visa will have to be available to your case, and once the visa is available to your case, then you will be scheduled for an interview.

You will receive an email notification on the same informing you that you have an update on the website [DV entrant status check] for you to visit and get your second notification letter, the appointment letter to the interview.

If at any point you want to communicate with KCC, If you want to unlock your DS-260 form, If you want to transfer your case to a different embassy, whichever communication you want to do with KCC, email them through KCCDV@stategov.

Also, every time that you want to communicate with KCC, make sure you include the full names of the applicant, the case number and the date of birth as indicated in the initial application.

Note: Don’t mess up with the date of birth in the initial application. Every time you communicate to KCC, follow the instructions.

That about the first notification letter that will come May 6.

Question: I have a family of 7 people, do I need to fill 7 Ds-260 forms, thus for each individual

Answer: It is essentially “one” that you fill your details, then for your spouse details, then for kids details and submit. Each part is considered as DS-260 of its own.

I wish you all success that you might get this notification letter. Thank you for reading this guide. I hope it is informative to you.

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