3 Conditions Before Diversity Visa Winner Can Receive Second Notification Letter, 2NL


This second notification letter, 2NL is the appointment to the Diversity Visa interview. As a DV winner, there are three conditions that must be fulfilled before you get this second notification letter (2NL).

When will you receive your Diversity Visa Interview Notification?

If you are there and you’re waiting for your second notification letter and you haven’t received, you should know that one or all of these conditions might have not been met. Even if two are met and one is not, you will not get your second notification letter. The three of the conditions must be met.

3 Conditions Before DV Winner Can Receive Second Notification Letter, 2NL

Below are three conditions that must be met or fulfilled for a person who is a Diversity Visa Lottery winner to receive the second notification letter, 2NL.

  1. Your DS-260 form must have been processed by KCC

You should have already submitted your DS-260 form, duly filled and KCC has reached it, opened it and processed it and finished up with processing it, without any issue. That is the very first condition, DS-260 form completely processed by KCC.

  1. Your case number must become current

Your case number should have fallen below the cut off numbers indicated in the Visa bulletin for that current period. If your case number is not yet current, meaning not within the cut off numbers, then definitely don’t expect any second notification letter to come to you. The case must be current.

  1. There must be a slot for the interview in the embassy that you selected to take your interview from.

The embassies most of the time would be having a backlog, i.e a queue of many cases that they are still to handle and they are with them.

Until they finish up with these cases to avail a slot that KCC can now transfer your case to the embassy for the interview, then you don’t expect any second notification letter. In other words, you can say it also depends with the performance of the embassy. How fast in handling the current cases is your embassy.


If your embassy is slow and therefore handles these cases in a slow manner, then it may take longer for your case to be transferred to the embassy because there would not have been a slot for the interview availed to KCC for them to send your case number to the embassy.

So, condition number three is that there must be the capacity of the embassy to receive your case for them to schedule for your interview.

That is, that about the three conditions that must be met before you will you receive your interview notification.

In Summary

You should have submitted your DS-260 form and the DS-260 form processed completely by KCC and then your case number must be current and there must be a slot for the interview in your embassy that you selected.

If all those three are fulfilled, then you definitely will receive your second notification letter, 2NL, for your Diversity Visa interview. But if they are not fulfilled, even if a single condition of the three then don’t expect the second notification letter.

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