3 Important Documents For DV Interview That Have Not Been Listed In The Interview Checklist

This guide will focus on topic regarding all the documents that are not listed in the checklist, but you should go with to the DV (Diversity Visa) interview.

3 Important Documents For DV Interview That Have Not Been Listed In The Interview Checklist

There are three important documents that you are supposed to go with to the DV interview, even if they are not listed in the checklist.

The first document that is very important that you are supposed to prepare and attend the DV interview with is the affidavit of support. It is called the financial support document.

This affidavit of support is the Form I-134, not the Form I-864. This document is not listed among the documents in the DV interview checklists.

Majority of the embassies and consulates will go ahead and request of this document and this document is there to prove that you are able to sustain yourself as you begin life in the U.S, that you have enough finances to keep you going as you start life in the U.S.

If you cannot have the Form I-134, then you can have some savings in your bank enough to sustain you. If you choose to go the financial way, if you choose to sponsor yourself by having some savings in your account, you’ll need to have a minimum of $10,000 for each person in your application.

So you can either come with the Form I-134 from your sponsor or the bank statements showing your savings that can stand for you.

Therefore, the financial support document is one of the documents that will not find listed in the checklist, but majority of the embassies will request you for them. If you are not able to provide when you ask for it, then you will be put to the 221(g) refusal until you’re able to provide that document.

It is better you get ready with the financial support document, either the Form I-134 from your sponsor or the bank statement showing your savings that can sustain you as you begin life in the United States.

Note: The Form I-134 from your sponsor, we’ll need some accompanying documents and these accompanying documents include the tax compliance certificates. If your sponsor is a business person, then he or she should give you the Form 1040. But if he is employed on wages, then he should provide the W-2 form.

Another thing that should accompany the Form I-134 is the copy of the national identity of your sponsor or a copy of the green card of your sponsor or the driver’s license copy.

The third thing that should accompany the Form I-134 is some recent transaction receipts, just for sampling. Or if they are working, they should provide some recent payslip copies to accompany the Form I-134.

So that is very important, though it’s not included in the list.

The second document that you should provide or you should prepare, though not indicated well, is if you are qualifying through work experience, then to visit the website by the United States Government, Ministry of Labor, that website’s name is onnetonline.org.

Therein you’ll be able to check whether your job that you’re qualifying with meets the requirements as per the Department of Labor. The requirement is that your job must meet the SVP range of above seven (7), and SVP means special vocational preparation.

You visit this website onnetonline.org, and then you type the work you’re qualifying with there and search. For example, electrical engineers.

You need to print this page because when you scroll down, when you come to job zone, it shows down, SVP range. For these electrical engineers is between seven and eight, and that means it’s above seven on SVP range and that means this job qualifies.

What does that mean? If you’re qualifying through work experience, go to this website, onnetonline.org, search for your work that you’re qualifying with, and print the page showing about your job, and it will clearly show that your job is on the SVP range of above seven (7).

Make sure you print the page and go with it to the DV interview.

Finally, the other document, the third one that you should prepare, and this is for some embassies. For example, in Johannesberg (South Africa) embassy do request for this, and sometimes others embassies also requests for this.

Form DS-5535

The form DS-5535 is simply a supplemental question on the visa applicants, and it is for further security and background checks. You fill this. Some part of the form required passport and travel history, relatives’ details, address and contact information.

You fill about your social media, all the media accounts that you have, you list them there, your employment history and then you sign and you’re done.

See Form DS-5535 Sample

This simple form is very important to prepare it upfront before you attend the DV interview, especially for some embassies. You just check the history of your embassy and see if they require this.

It is better you prepare it. If you are requested for it, you just produce it. If you don’t produce this, you’ll have to be put on AP, that is the 221G refusal until you fill this and submit it the embassy for them to process your visa.

Another set of documents that might not be listed but you need to go with and this is for the case of those people that married after applying for the DV lottery and get selected.

Prepare yourself with proof documents of your existent relationship, even before the DV application because you will have to prove to the consular officer that this not an illegal marriage, that you did not get selected and you decided to just marry to give this other person a chance to be in United States, you need to prove it.

You can go with photos, bank statements that both of you share accounts with, receipts that you used even before DV application, or all activates that can support that both of you were engaged even before you did the application.

Question: Is it acceptable to send the form I-134 and accompanying documents electronically?

Answer: No, only hard copy.

Question: I married with children and added them during the application, will I be asked proof of my marriage?

Answer: You must have the marriage certificate.

Question: Where will I get that form for supplement question?

Answer: https://in.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/71/DS-Form-5535.pdf

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