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4 Major Things DV Lottery Winners must Know and Do To Get Diversity Visa

If you are selected in the DV Lottery as a winner, and you are proceeding with your processing, then you should know these four (4) things in details.

4 Major Things DV Lottery Winners must Know and Do To Get Diversity Visa

  1. Case Number

The first thing that you should know immediately you realize you are successful winner in a DV program is about the case number. You should well know what a case number is, what it means, what is its importance, where is it applied, because it is a very useful number.

The case number is the number assigned to you as a selectee. You will find it on the first notification letter (1NL). This number is the number that you will use to get access to your DS-260 form, the Immigrant Visa Application Form that you’re supposed to fill immediately you realize you are selected. This is the same number that is used in scheduling the interviews.

This number is very important and to know more about it, because it is very crucial, READ>>> What is Case Number in DV Lottery Application and Visa Processing?

  1. Visa Bulletin

The next thing that you’re supposed to know as a DV Lottery winner is about the Visa Bulletin and how to read the Visa Bulletin. The Visa Bulletin is a documentation of the visa processing. In that Visa Bulletin there are various categories of different types of visas and current news/position regarding them.

In the visa bulletin, there is also have a portion for the DV Lottery, and in this DV Lottery, there are information provided regarding the cut-off numbers for that particular period.

If you know how to read the Visa Bulletin, you will be able to understand when you are likely to expect your second notification letter, when you are likely to be scheduled for the interview and this will help you in proper preparation.

It is very important that every selectee know about the Visa Bulletin and how to read it.

  1. What are the steps to follow after being selected for DV?

Another thing that you are supposed to know as a DV selectee is the steps to follow after being selected. When you’ve checked and found out that you are a successful winner, what steps follows?

Remember, after you check your results and find out that you are selected, the next thing is the filling of the DS-260 form, which is called the Immigrant Visa Application Form and it should be done immediately you see that you are successful.

Filling in the DS-260 form should be done slowly, it should be done correctly, and it should be filled without errors.

After filling the DS-260 form and submitting it, then you are supposed to wait for it to be processed by KCC.

After being processed and your case becomes current, then your information will be transferred to the Embassy and consecutively a 2NL will be sent to you. The second notification letter, 2NL is the letter that schedules your interview.

READ: What is Second Notification Letter, 2NL, in DV Lottery Program?

After you have received the second notification letter, then you are supposed to prepare yourself by first visiting the medical center specified in the link inside the second notification letter, to do your medicals, because this is a requirement.

After doing your medicals, you should proceed to the interview. After the interview, you’re successful, you will be issued with a visa stamped on your passport document that you will leave behind and will be sent to you via Courier Service or you’ll be required to go and get it from the embassy, depending on the embassy.

Then after that you can relocate to the United States or move to the United States within six months after your medical examination.

That is the process after you realize you have won.

  1. Documents needed for DV processing

The final thing that you should know as a DV selectee is which documents will be needed throughout the DV processing.

From the point you realize you have selected, all the way to the interview, which documents will you be required to have?


Therefore, basically those are the four major things that you are supposed to very well understand if you are selected or if you are a selectee progressing with your DV processing.

I hope the guide is informative and useful to you and to your friends.

DISCLAIMER: This post and content is designed for general information only and is NOT legal advice. This site is not offering any Diversity Visa and is not the official site for DV Lottery program. The information presented in this post should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

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