Must Do Once Your Case Becomes Current and When You Get Your 2NL


This is very important things that you must do when your case becomes current and after you’ve gotten your Second Notification Letter (2NL). Read this guide to the end and get these important things.

When your case has become current

After a case has become current, do you remember that email that you put on your DS-260 form? That email is so important. You should keep on checking on that email because it is through this email that you will get the notification notifying you of a pending update on the entrance status check, for you to check for your second notification letter.

You need to always check your email, check the spam, the spam folder of your email. Go to the spam folder and check. Some of the winners have gotten their notification sent to the spam because of the settings. So check the email together with the spam folder if you have any communication from KCC.

Also remember, KCC will use the same email for any form of communication to you. So don’t forget that email.

That is what basically you’re supposed to do when your case becomes current.

When You Get Your 2NL

After you have received that email notification telling you that you have a pending status, you should immediately visit that link in that email and it will take you to the entrance status check. That is where you will put your details and then there will be your second notification letter.

This second notification letter should be read thoroughly, get everything it says, what it has. It gives you the details about your interview, the venue of your interview, and so on. Again, on the 2NL, there is a link in the body of the 2NL, that link is so important. The second thing that you’re supposed to do is to click on that link.

Once you click on that link, it will take you to the list of consulates and embassies. On that list, you are supposed to click on your embassy. Select the embassy in which you’ll take your interview from.
Once you select it, the web page for that embassy will come, and then you’ll see a lot of instructions there.

It is very important that you go through the instructions of your embassy because the instructions, they differ from one embassy to the other. Some things on one embassy might not be the same things on your embassy. So read the instructions of your embassy.

After you have read through the instructions:

  • Register your interview appointment online

Register for the courier service to deliver your passports: For some embassy, you will be required to register for a courier service for them to deliver your passports, once visas are stamped on the passport. So the point is, if your embassy requires you to register for courier services, go ahead and do that.

Apply for the notarization of your high school document: This is for some countries. Some countries will require you to notarize the high school certificate or diploma after you’ve gotten your second notification letter. If your country requires such, then go ahead and do that.

If your country is of that type, then you cannot notarize your high school diploma before you receive the second notification letter, at least for the purpose of the DV interview.


Book for your medical examination appointment

Remember to book your medical examination, immediately you get the second notification letter.

Go through the interview checklist

The other thing that you should do is go through the interview checklist. The interview checklist contains the list of documents that you need to prepare upfront for the interview.

After you’ve gone through the interview checklist, then obtain all the documents. Go through the documents. Ensure that you have all the documents with you.

On top of these documents listed in the interview checklist, there are some additional documents that you must go with, for majority of the embassies. These additional documents include:

The affidavit of support, for showing that you cannot become a public charge after you’ve landed in the United States. You need an affidavit of support that is either a Form I-134 or a bank statement showing your savings that can take you through as you take on life in the United States.

Another document, additional one that you need to have is, if you got married after you’ve been selected or after you have applied for the DV lottery, that means you applied a single and now you are married, you need to go with whatever document that you can come across to solidify or prove that your marriage is legal.

You did not marry to give an opportunity to your spouse to be in the United States. You need to have documents to prove that you had an existing relationship even before you applied for the DV lottery.

Those are just some of the few documents that you need in addition to the checklist documents. In some embassies, you’ll be required to also add the DS-5535. You prepare that in advance.

There are documents that are not mentioned here, but you might need them. For additional documents that you might need as you prepare for the interview, read this: Documents Required After Winning DV (Green Card) Lottery

Prepare yourself well for the interview

The last thing is about preparing yourself thoroughly. Go through some interview experiences by people from the same embassy or from other embassies. Go through what they were asked.

  • How was the interview?
  • What was the experience?

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Remember you should be over-prepared than being less prepared and lose your visa approval.

Thank you for reading this guide, I hope this helps you so much.

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