Visa Bulletin For September DV2024 and DV2023


The Diversity Visa Bulletin for the month of September DV2024 and DV2023 is already out. This Visa Bulletin have some few things to note on it.

It is the first Visa Bulletin that gives us a glimpse into the DV Lottery 2024. Actually, it gives the cutoff numbers for the month of October. That is the very first interviews to be conducted for the DV Lottery 2024.

As a DV selectee, you are supposed to keep track of the visa bulletins, it is important for you to always check the visa bulletins.

This visa bulletin essentially marks the beginning of the DV Lottery 2024 interviews and also the closure of the DV Lottery 2023.

From the last visa bulletin, that was the visa bulletin for August, we saw the last cutoff numbers for the DV Lottery 2023.

So what about the DV Lottery 2023? As of now, we only expect a very few number of 2NLs sent to the winners because majorly the month of September, that is the last month of a DV lottery, tend to focus more on the 221G visa refusals.

Recently, there is a cumulative number of 221G visa refusals of around about over 5,000 cases and this number of 221G refusals is quite big and it will be handled within this last month.

Only a few visas for the DV Lottery 2023 are remaining, there is speculate that majority of those might go to the 221G visa refusals, those who will be lucky and also the adjustment of status, which is ongoing. So very few 2NL may be sent out.

Remember the interviews are ongoing and therefore we expect them to continue till the 30th of September. So if you have your 2NL, you get prepared well and don’t risk a chance. If you have been scheduled for the interview, make every effort not to fall in the 221G visa refusal.

Diversity Visa Bulletin For September 2023

Visa Bulletin For September 2023

From the visa bulletin we have some cutoff numbers for the month of October, and this is for the DV lottery 2024.

For the region of Africa, it is 10,000, for Asia 2,000, Europe 4,500 and so on and so forth. There are some exceptions and what this means is that if an exception is put on a country, it simply means that below the cutoff number, there are many cases from that country.


Therefore, if they can be given up to the cutoff number, then the embassy might be overwhelmed with cases for them to handle within a month. For example, if you come to Egypt, they are given up to 5,500, and that means that they have many cases within the lower bracket, the low case numbers. And therefore, if they can be given up to 10,000 as the rest of Africa, then the cases might be very many for the embassy to handle within that month to all others in the various regions.

What is the total number of selectees in the DV Lottery 2024?

A total number of 143,000. As up to now, this is the highest number of selectees in a DV lottery. Also in this DV lottery 2024, we’ve also seen exceedingly high or huge case number. For example, someone with a case number of 122,000.

There was a total of over 22 million applicants. This is the number that applied for the DV lottery. Again, note that the 143,000 includes the selectees together with their derivatives. It is the principal applicant together with the family members.

Also, there are only 55,000 visas available for the DV lottery program. So a big number of this will miss their visas. What makes them miss their visas? Their case numbers.

If your case number is so huge, you might not find an opportunity to get visas. That is important to note.

Note that the dates for the DV Lottery 2025 will be publicized in the coming months. The DV Lottery 2025 application period will be on the website, the DV Program official website and not from any other source.

For the exact number of selectees together with their derivatives for every country. You can get the exact number of selectees together with the beneficiaries from this list.

So what are you supposed to do? Visit this Diversity Visa Bulletin For September 2023 and go through these numbers.

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