Documents Required After Winning DV (Green Card) Lottery

In this guide, you will learn those Documents which are required if you are the winner of the DV lottery application.

When you go to the visa interview, you need to have the following documents so that you can have a way of getting the visa to go to the United States of America.

Documents Required After Winning DV Lottery

The following is the list of those documents which you need to have:

(i) Your birthday certificate.

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(ii) You need to have the passport and remember the names of the birth certificate must be matching the names of your passport.

(iii) You need to have your education documentation (Primary, High School, Bachelor, Masters), wherever you have, you need to have the certificates to prove your level of educational.

(iv) If you don’t have high school education, you need to have the documentation to prove that you have work experience. For example, contract, job description, letter from your manager or the CEO, the owner of the organization, all those things you need to have so that they can prove that you are working somewhere.

The work you put there must have full information and even the phone number if they want to call, just to follow up.

(v) If you are married, you need to have the marriage certificate, but if you are widowed, you could have the death certificate.

(vi) If you are just divorced, just go with your divorce document just in case.

(vii) If you have been to prison, you need to have the court and the prison documentation and obviously you need to have the police clearance form.

(viii) If you have been in the military activity, you have served in the country as a soldier in your country, you will need to have a military record. The reason being in some of the crimes you might commit will not be brought to the normal civilian court, they must be in court marshall in the military.

Having the military record will also help them to get some of the criminal background and conduct while you are in the military.

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As long as you show those documentation, you are there. So those are some of the documents which you need to have on the day of the interview.

The same documentation will be applicable if you are married and if you have children. Though, if your child is under the age of 16, will not be required to have those ones.

Note: You need to go with the original documentation. If there is any document which is not in English, it must be translated.

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In addition, if in any case there are names which are not matching, maybe school certificate, visas, the birth certificate or passport, or if you are married and you have changed the name officially to your spouse name, have the documentation to prove those kind of things.

You’ll be making your case so much easier, the interview will be less than five minutes and you’ll be able to be given the visa and you’ll be able to be welcomed to the United States of America.

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