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Is there any age limit or advantage in applying DV Lottery 2024?

What is the age which is allowed for someone to apply for the Diversity visa lottery? What age to apply and win the green card lottery? Is there any advantage when you are an older applicant compared to younger ones?

These are among the most controversial thing for many people or sometimes confusing for people. Is there any edge limitation? Is there an age advantage for someone to apply and win the diversity visa lottery?

According to the diversity visa lottery instructions, there is no edge requirement in someone’s to apply for the diversity visa lottery.

Education qualification or work experience automatically is what put some sort of certain age group because you are supposed to have at least a high school education, and the high school education which is defined in DV lottery instruction is twelve years of schooling (from primary school to high school).

For instance, let’s say you went to school at the age of five, plus twelve to five, that is 17. So if you have a high school education, obviously you will be 17 at the time of applying.

Also, to have two years of professional qualifying work experience? Most of the qualifying work experience is usual of two years. Majority of people, for instance, in the American context, they are able to start working in a professional setting at the age of 16.

Let say you started a work experience at the age of 16, if you add two years working experience, it will take you to 18.

There is no age requirement to start the application, no maximum age, no edge limit.

The advantage with people who are older, they will be having good work experience, they will be having good education.

The advantage of the younger people e.g 17, 18, 19, is you have opportunity to start your studies in America, have potential of growing and excel, and you are starting afresh.

Can you win DV Lottery if you change the location as applicant?

The location of the person filling Electronic DV lottery application form does not have any impact of any kind or trick or to help you to win or not win the DV lottery.

What happens if a DV Winner dies before coming to America?

If the principal applicant of the green card (diversity visa) lottery dies whether before the interview or even after being receiving the visa on end, the entire family of the dependents will not be able to come to the United States of America.

So if you are the winner of the DV lottery, remember you are responsible to avoid unnecessary things which can cause you harm or cause you unnecessary death.

If you die, your child and your spouse will not be able to go America because the principal applicant will not be able to go America.

You cannot transfer DV lottery winning to another person.

Your Entry Has Been Selected What does it mean in the DV Lottery Program?

If you check the diversity visa lottery results and you find out you has been selected, it means you are the winner of the diversity visa lottery (green card lottery) of that particular fiscal year.

Once you find those words, you’ll be able to see a PDF document to download and that PDF file is call the first notification letter, the letter to notify you are the winner.

At the end of that letter, you will see a number called the Case Number. The number consist of the year of that particular fiscal year of the DV lottery, your region, and your serial number which very crucial because you’ll be able to determine when it will be possible calling you for the interview.

Once you win the first notification letter, the next step is to go and start filling the DS-260 visa form, to find out the process to get the visa.

How many times are you allowed to check DV Lottery Results?

You are free to check them as many times as you want, check out the instructions of the DV Program official web page for more details.

You must have all required details in order to check the status of the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form that you submitted to the program.

Entrants in the Diversity Visa 2023 program may check the status of their entries on the E-DV website. Read this article below for more details about it.

DISCLAIMER: This post and content is designed for general information only and is NOT legal advice. This site is not offering any Diversity Visa and is not the official site for DV Lottery program. The information presented in this post should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

If you have any questions about the DV lottery, please contact an immigration professional/officer or a licensed attorney.

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