“Confirmation Number Disappeared” on the process of applying Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery, “Same Photos Eligibility” and “Country of Birth”


Confirmation number disappeared on the process of applying DV lottery, what should you do?

We are in period of the DV Lottery 2025 application, and majority of people have already applied for it, also majority have not yet. Maybe because they are taking their time in preparation, ensuring that the photo they are applying with meet the qualifications, and also ensuring that they have all the information about the DV Lottery application.

This guide will focus mainly on issues regarding “Confirmation number disappeared” on the process of applying DV lottery, “Same Photos Eligibility” and “Country of Birth”.

It is very important you know that is only when you have your confirmation number that is when you know that you have applied, and you must keep your confirmation number safe, don’t lose it.

This confirmation number, you have to save it very well. It is recommended that you print it out, that page that comes after you have filled your DV application, which says congratulations, you have successfully applied for the DV Lottery 2025, make sure you print it.

You print it out and store it within your important documents because you will require this confirmation number during the checking of your results. Without it, you cannot check for the results. So it is recommended that you print it out and save it.

If you are not able to print it out, maybe you filled the DV lottery form using your phone and you don’t have any access to any printing accessory, then what you need to do is to screenshot the success page. Just take a screenshot of it and preserve it.

You can save it on your phone if you trust your phone. Or you can save it on the Google Drive if you can. You can save it in whichever gadgets or any storage that you feel is safe.

Question: I have applied or just finished applying DV lottery, but I pressed the refresh button before saving my confirmation number, how can I retrieve my confirmation number?

If you did not save your confirmation number and you refreshed the page before saving it, what should you do?

Do not do a second DV lottery application with the aim of saving the confirmation number. If you have applied and you erroneously refreshed the page without you saving the confirmation number, the only option that you have is to wait till the results are out, that is next year in the month of May.

That is the only thing that you have to do, wait till May of next year. After the results are out, then, you will be able to recover your confirmation number.

But one thing that you should note is that, you will need your details (your last name and your year of birth). Your last name and your year of birth is what you should remember.

The name that you used in the application as your last name or the family name is what you need to remember. Also the year of birth that you used in the application. You are recommended to use that date of birth which is indicated on either your passport or birth certificate.


Use the exact date of birth on your birth certificate or passport, so that you can remember it easily. You must remember your year of birth and your last or family name for you to recover the confirmation number.

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Same Photos Eligibility

Question: Can someone use the same photos that his or her spouse used for the DV lottery application?

Let say, the couple or the family, they took the photos, one set of it, the husband, the wife, and the kids or the husband and the wife. Can you use the same photos for application as your spouse? The correct answer is yes.

The same photos that you used in application, you as the principal applicant, is the same photos that your spouse should use for the application, use the same photos, there is no harm in that.

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Remember, when you applied and your spouse applied too, then you increase your chances, you have a double chances of getting selected for diversity visa.

Country Of Birth

The country of birth is the country that you use for eligibility. If you used your country of birth as the country of eligibility and you have some worries whether you should have used that, you did the proper thing. The correct thing to do is to use your country of birth as the country of eligibility.

Remember, there are other ways. If your country of birth is not in the list of the eligible countries for DV lottery, then if you’re married, you can use the country of your spouse as the country of eligibility, provided that the country is on the eligibility list.

If you used your country of birth as the country of eligibility, that is the correct way. You should not use the country of your citizenship if it is not the country of your birth as the country of eligibility, if you’re qualifying through the country of birth.

  • For this year Diversity Visa lottery, natives of the following countries and areas are eligible to apply…..view list
  • For this year Diversity Visa lottery, natives of the following countries and areas are not eligible to apply…..view list

If you are born in a country that is eligible, use the country of eligibility as the country of your birth.

Thanks for reading this guide, continue applying for those who have not applied yet, and remember, you just apply once, not twice. If you apply twice, you are disqualified completely.

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