What is the difference between the Confirmation Number and Case Number?


There are these two terms that many people are confused or get confused in the DV process. That is the confirmation number and the case number. What is the difference between these two terms?

Confirmation Number

The confirmation number is the number that you get once you apply for the DV lottery program successfully.

Immediately you fill in your details, the details of your dependents and derivatives, and you submit your application to the DV lottery, the number that you receive, that’s what we call the confirmation number.

You’re supposed to keep it safe because this confirmation number is what you will use during checking the DV lottery results. When you’re checking the results, you’ll use this confirmation number to check if you were selected.

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The Case Number

When you want to check the results and you visit the dvprogram.state.gov and filled in the entrant status check and submit it, then there will be a notification.

If you are successful and you are selected, there will be a notification saying that your entry was selected and there will be a downloadable notification of the same telling you that you are successfully selected to proceed with the process.

That first notification is called the First Notification Letter (1NL), as discussed in this post here, you will find a number and that number is special to you, is specific to you. That number is what we call the case number.

Case Number is the number that the KCC, the Kentucky consular Center uses to schedule the interviews, and they do this in an ascending order. The case number is the one that KCC uses to schedule for your interview.

That is the difference between the two terms that are commonly used in the DV process.

I hope the information is clear.

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