5 Things That Will Deny You The Diversity Visa During the Interview

Don’t do the following things, it will harm you when it comes to the Diversity Visa interview because you will get your visa refused and some of them will block you from ever entering the United States.

Are you a DV winner or are you waiting for the DV results, and you are hoping to become a selectee? Are you waiting for the 2NL? Are you waiting for the visa? Therefore the following things, if you intend to do them, they will utterly harm you.

Things That Will Deny You The Diversity Visa During the Interview

  • Don’t overstay your United States visa or don’t overstay any other countries visa

If you are on a visit visa and that visa has given you a step period of maybe two months, don’t exceed. The date was supposed to be out of the United States and ensure you are out of the United States. If you are there on a business visa and there are terms and conditions of up to when, if you are on any other visa, visit visa, tour visa or any other visa, and there is a time period because it is a nonimmigrant visa, just stay within that time period and be out of the United States once the time expires.

By so doing, you will be safe, if you dare overstay, that will ruin your chances, and it will most likely prevent you from ever being to the United States. So don’t overstay your visa.

  • Never force a marriage

This might affect a majority of the selectees or the DV winners, never forced a marriage. This applies to all those who applied a single. If you applied a single, and definitely life must continue as usual, if the relationship that you are taking yourself into will end up being fraud, don’t involve yourself in that.

If you applied a single, you end up getting engaged and you want to add this as your spouse after you’ve married, it is very much subjective, meaning that you have to really prove to the consulate or the embassy that it is not fraud, though it’s not an easy thing.

The only way it can successful, based from the previous experiences, is when the affected parties had documents to prove the existing relationship that can lead to marriage even before they were selected, even before they won DV lottery. If they can provide that, then they will approve for their visas. That is the only way that you can prove that this is not fraud, you are not forcing a marriage.

Let no one tell you to get married because they want to go to the United States, you will ruin your chance. Don’t get into that trap. If you applied a single, just continuous single, even if you end up in the United States, you can still come back and arrange for that marriage, but not within that period if you know it can affect you.

If you don’t have the proof documents, printed documents to show that there was a legit relationship, even before that, then don’t try to force a marriage. Also, if you applied as married because you are living together and you have kids, and according to your customs, you were married, only that you don’t have any legal documents like a marriage certificate to prove that, then that is a different one.

You can just obtain the marriage certificate because you have enough evidence to prove that, then go ahead with that process as married, because you are married locally within your customs, only that you need to legalize it using a formal document.

  • Don’t commit crimes

Remember there are three categories of crimes that are really detrimental or can really be detrimental to your visa process. These three crimes, they include,

  1. Aggravated felonies.
  2. Crime involving moral turpitude.
  3. Crime involving illegal drugs.

The aggravated felonies, according to the United States, is when you try to do something that will harm people, for example, murder or drug trafficking, that also falls under aggravated felony. Maybe trying to force a fraud, you want to con someone, you want to harm that person. Don’t commit that type of crime.

Also that the crimes involving the moral turpitude, they also are those illegal intentions that you have upon someone. Maybe you are planning to murder someone. You are planning to steal from someone, you are planning to maybe commit a sexual offense against someone, you are planning or intending to cause harm to the public. Don’t do that, it will affect your visa.

Then we also have those crimes around the drug trafficking, drug abuse. If you are found or if you commit a crime that involves drug trafficking, illegal drug trafficking, then you will have no chances. So don’t commit these crimes if you want to get a successful interview. Just protect yourself against these crimes. Play it safe, be a good person, that is all it requires.

  • Social media

Remember, when filling the DS-260 form, you are supposed to list all the social media accounts that you have, if you don’t list, you are risking your chance. You cannot hide. Just list everything that you have on the internet.

When you have this account, don’t dare post any harmful content, either to a minor or any harmful content to any person in the public, or any harmful content towards the United States. Don’t post any criminal content in that social media. Don’t post any content that causes terrorism. Anything that puts or poses a threat on the United States, don’t dare do that. Anything that you post that causes or poses harm on the United States will cost you your visa, so don’t dare do that.

Those are just some of the things that we’re not supposed to do, though, there are also others.

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