Why Low Case Number Also Miss DV Interview Appointment


Can a low case number miss an opportunity for DV interview? In other words, can KCC fail to schedule an interview for a low case number? Hardly this happens, but it does not mean that it is impossible for that to occur. It’s not common, but it does happen.

We need to first of all understand how DV interviews get scheduled. How are they scheduled? First of all, interviews are scheduled or they are given according to the numerical order. They are done numerically and that is from those with low case numbers to those with high case numbers.

By that arrangement, low case numbers are highly likely to get their interviews, while high case numbers have a greater risk of missing their interviews.

Interviews are scheduled numerically based on the cut-off numbers in the visa bulletins. The cut-off numbers in the visa bulletin will increase gradually from low case numbers all the way to the highest case numbers, until the visas for the DV lottery are exhausted.

Once you have your case number, that is, you’re a winner, you should keep watch of the visa bulletins. Because by the visa bulletins, you will be able to tell when your interview is likely to be scheduled.

All case numbers that fall below the cut-off number in a specific visa bulletin, all those case numbers below it, they become current. By becoming current, that means they fall under the cutoff numbers and they are ready for interview processing.

All those case numbers below the cut-off numbers, they are eligible to be scheduled for an interview.

Once your case number is current, your case is put under a queue in your embassy, and that queue for your embassy is called the Allocated Visa Queue (AVQ).

Allocated visa queue is a queue for every embassy that has winners or case numbers below the cut-off number for a certain month. It simply means that you are ready for your interview to be processed.

If that queue is not long for your embassy, that means that you will soon be scheduled for the interview, you will soon receive your interview appointment. But if the queue is so long, that brings about what we call the backlog, meaning a lot of people in that queue waiting to be scheduled for an interview.

If you are on the farthest end of that queue, that simply means that it will take some time for you to get scheduled. You might be current, yes, and your DS-260 form has fully been processed, but simply because there are many people before you in that queue for your embassy, they allocated this queue for your embassy, then it will take a lot of time, maybe days, even up to months before you get an interview appointment, the second notification letter (2NL).

This AV queue, the allocated visa queue, people in that queue, they are also arranged in the numerical order. From the lowest case number in that queue to the highest case number in the same queue. But you should note that sometimes there might be some discrepancies in the order. There are some minor changes in the order.

You might find in the same queue that a person with slightly higher case number than the other being before that person with the low case number than this person. You might find a high case number before a low case number. Why does it happen that way sometimes?

Sometimes it happened because if you submitted your DS-260 form late, yet your case number is low, and that means that KCC came across your DS-260 form later on after they have already arranged that queue.

If the queue has been arranged, that is those numbers are current and yours also is current, but they had already processed the DS-260 forms and they have arranged that AV queue. If your DS-260 is processed after that queue has been arranged, then you’ll come to the end of that queue.


You’ll not jump those case numbers in that queue because your case number is low, no. You will come to the end of that queue because the queue had already been established. You’ll come to the end, and that is to mean, even if you have the low case number, these people that are current together with you that have higher case number than yours will be before you.

But you should know that normally the AV queue is arranged numerically from the low case number to the high case number.

Can a low case number miss DV interview? Can KCC not allocate an interview for a case number that is low?


It rarely happens so, it’s not a common occurrence, but sometimes it happens. For example, the DV Lottery 2023 and the DV lottery 2022, if you are keen, you should have observed that in some embassies, people with even very low case numbers ended up not getting their interviews.

The reason was these embassies, they had not performed well enough to reach those low case numbers. So if an embassy is very slow, you might find other embassies within that region which perform very well have interviewed people with very high case numbers. But for this poorly performing embassy have not yet even interviewed a person with a low case number.

There are some people with AF 10,000, that is for Africa, not getting their interviews, while others with case number 58,000, even up to 63,000 getting interviewed in other embassies.

Therefore, if embassies perform poorly, they are likely that even low case numbers might not be reached for DV interview scheduling.

REASON #2: Another reason would be you failing to submit your DS-60 form

There are some people, winners of DV lottery but they forget that had applied for DV lottery and therefore they end up not submitting their DS-260 forms, and that mean even if they have low case numbers, they will not be scheduled.

If you fail to submit your DS-260 form, even with low case number, you cannot be scheduled for DV interview because KCC has no record of your application, your visa application (DS-260 form).

In conclusion

Normally, people with high case numbers have higher risk of missing DV interview as compared to those with low case numbers because the interviews get scheduled according to the numerical order of the case number.

Question: Am from Africa, my case number is 2024AF2**4 but I submitted my DS-260 on 25th August, do I still have a chance to be schedule for interview?

Answer: Yes. Though you submitted late for your case.

Question: Is this AV queue done by countries or regions?

Answer: There is AV queue behind every embassy.

Question: If my case is say less than 5000 in AF and submitted DS-260 on 31st May. Will you say it’s a late submission?

Answer: No. That is early.

Question: After receiving 2NL, On registering for the interview (confirming the date), the principal applicant realized only after that their names were not well entered (only surname with no given names), but that of their derivatives had no issues. Please how serious is this mistake and what can be done at this level?

Answer: There are no major issues. Just attend the interview with all documents and amend the names there on the first counter.

I hope the question, Can a low case number miss DV interview, have been answeredI hope this information is very useful.

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