Worried About Your DV Case Number, Shift it to a Better Embassy?


There are some random questions, random concerns and issues that you might be having. The first concern is regarding the worries on your DV case number.

This is the DV lottery where lot of people are worried of their chances of getting an interview because of their case numbers, and it’s because it is one of the DV lotteries that have very high number of selectees.

You may be asking of your chances because of your case numbers. For example, let say your DV case number is AF 98,000, 50,000 and you are wondering whether you have any hope of getting an interview.

Or maybe you comes from that country whose embassy in the last DV lottery 2023 performed weakly. They did not meet the target and therefore majority of the selectees in that country ended up losing their opportunities.

To answer these questions: The fact is if you have very high case numbers, then it is highly possible that you might not be scheduled for an interview. If you have low case numbers, then definitely you might get this chance. What does this mean?

To determine the level of your case number, you just consider your region. If you come from EU or AS or AF, whichever region, you just take the lowest case number you’ve had of and you take the highest number that there is in that region and get the difference. Once you get the difference, you divide it into three equal parts, three equal portions.

The first part, the lower side, those are considered as low case numbers. The middle part is medium case numbers and the highest part is the high case numbers.

Most of the time those selectees that fall on the higher part, that is the part was the highest case number, they normally don’t get their chances of even getting an interview. While those in the medium to low, they get their chances.

If you’ve done that way and your category is above the medium level, then know that your chances are low. But it does not mean that you can’t be called for an interview, that you are completely out of the chances.

Even high case numbers, sometimes they get called for an interview, and that is affected by some embassies in a region performing poorly. If some embassies are extremely low in performance, then those embassies that are excellently performing their job, will have even high case numbers getting an interview appointment.

But normally, low case numbers have high chances of getting an interview appointment, while the highest case numbers they don’t.

There was this particular case where the individual that comes from an embassy that had a bad record in the previous DV lottery and this selectee was asking whether he or she might consider to transfer the interview location to a better country.

Can I Transfer My DV Case Number To A Better Embassy?

Transferring a case from one embassy to the next is not as we think or as we thought. What does that mean?

The only time as per the KCC, is if you are currently in this country, and your interview schedule in the embassy of your country or the country in which your embassy is affiliated to.


So if you are in this country and your interview is in this embassy, the only time you can change your interview location is in the case where you have completely moved to that new country.

For example, if you come from Kenya and you are selected, that means your embassy will be scheduled in the Nairobi embassy. If you happen to relocate, let’s say to South Africa, you can change your interview location to South Africa, Johannesburg. But if you have not physically moved, there is no way you are supposed to change that interview location.

If indeed you are this person that has relocated or moved to a new country, then you request unlocking of your DS-260 form and then update with the new location where you are. Then after that, you submit it back and you write a follow-up email informing KCC that you have moved to this location and this is your new address, and you give the proof of your address, of your new address in that email and then send it to KCC.

That way, KCC might consider changing your interview location to that location. But you have to prove it.

If you send the first time and they don’t do it, send a follow-up message until they take note of the changes. That is the only time that they can change it comfortably.

Normally, it is not an easy process. You need to send the first email and check whether they have noted. If they have not noted the changes, then you need to send a follow-up email.

Can you change it based on considering the performance of your embassy?

By that explanation, it is not based on that. You cannot just decide that my embassy is performing poorly, then I need to change it. It will be a tough process. Some people have tried it and they have succeeded.

Finally, you need to understand that sometimes, one embassy might be low in performance in a particular DV lottery but the next DV lottery they perform excellently well.

You might try to jump from your embassy to the next and you found out that your embassy was even better than that embassy that you are trying to shift to.

Only until January that you can get the very fast information from the CEAC website that might help you to know from the past month, how was the embassies doing.

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