Will Previous Visa Denial Cause Your DV Interview Denial?

This guide will clarify you on this question, will previous visa denial affect your diversity visa interview?

The answer is that the embassy or the consulate, they have all your information regarding the former visa applications.

If you’ve ever tried to apply for any visa, the visit visa, the student visa, the work visa, any other visa, including the tourism visa, every other kind of information regarding those visas, they already have the information.

Also tied to that, they also have all the reasons that caused your visa denial. They have all those information.

But does this affect you? The answer is yes. It affects you either way. It affects you positively or it can affect you negatively, and this depends on the reason as to why you are denied that previous visa application.

If you had applied, let’s say for a student visa and you were denied the visa due to insufficient document proof, insufficient documentation or insufficient financial support.

If you had this reason, that is not a valid reason to cause any visa denial, be it any other type or the diversity visa, those are just common reasons.

So it will not affect you if you have a reason that is just general, that cannot affect you.

But let’s say for example, the cause of your visa denial was on legal grounds, maybe a criminal record. If that was the cause, then definitely you are sure that it will also affect you in the diversity visa or any other visa that you are applying.

Because they will have to go through your criminal record and if they find that you are not fit for the immigration, then you’ll be denied.

So it depends upon the reasons as to why you are denied the visa.

But if it’s on just general lack of information, general lack of documentation that proves then that will not affect you.

But if it’s on the legal grounds, they might have to check thoroughly. If that legal ground reason still affects you, then definitely you’ll get denied your diversity visa.

So does the previous visa denial affect you in the diversity visa interview? The answer is yes. Either positively or negatively.

I hope this is informative.

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