Second Selection for DV Lottery? How Many Times To Check DV Lottery Results?


Is there any second selection of the results in the DV lottery application processes and the results for the green card lottery? Is there any second selection for the DV Lottery?

For the DV-2024, the answer is no. The results are out once and for all, there are no second selection for DV Lottery or second results for DV Lottery.

These are some of the rumors people are saying, for example, I checked the first time I didn’t see anything, I came the second time, maybe two months later I was the winner.

Maybe you didn’t check it correctly, but if you check correctly, there are no second selection of the diversity visa rotary results.

The reason why sometimes it’s confusing which make people believe or think that there is second selection.

When you check the result, they say your entry has not been selected at this time. You may now ask, what about next time? They say at this time, maybe if I come next time it will be there. The answer is No.

It is at this time of the fiscal year of DV 2022, at this time of the fiscal year DV-2023, at this time of the fiscal of DV-2024, that particular fiscal year that we are talking about.

Another sentence which is confusing people is, “continue keeping your confirmation number until September.” So many people may say, “Oh, they say I have to keep the confirmation number, i didn’t win at this time.”

They didn’t say that if you are not the winner, keep the confirmation number. No, you needed to keep your confession number, especially if you are the winner, because you will use the confirmation number to sign in the DS-260 to process.


After September 30, it will be the end of checking the results of the one fiscal year and the next fiscal year. So no matter whether you keep it, if you are not the winner, that confirmation number means nothing at all.

How many times are you supposed to check the DV Lottery Results?

You can check your DV results first time, second time, many times you want. But even if you check 100 times, remember they cannot exceed more than the required number of visas per year.

If the winners is more than the number of visas, why should they put in the second selection? No, they don’t need to do that.

If you find out you have not been selected, will it change at a later date if you look again for the results?

The answer is no.

So if you check, you didn’t win DV lottery this time, prepare for the next lottery and you can also try to look for other opportunities which will be able to help you to continue and to be able to succeed with the process to relocate to the United States of America.

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