DV Winners Get These Before You Attend The DV Interview


All DV winners/selectee preparing for the DV lottery interview, below are things you need to get/know before you attend the DV interview:

  1. You are supposed to be punctual when attending the DV lottery interview.
  2. You are supposed to come with all the civil documents that you have, plus all the proof documents that are required.
  3. Remember to have the original documents or certified documents and their copies.

Produce a copy of the original documents and go with both the original documents or the certified documents and their photocopies.

  1. Remember that all people in your application must attend the interview in person, including children under the age of 14. Basically, everyone must attend the interview in person.
  2. Remember, if you don’t have sufficient proof documents or because of other reasons, you might get an administrative procedure.

You might be given a yellow paper, and on that yellow paper, it will clearly tell you which documents or which requirement is insufficient. And once you’re given this letter, you should act immediately without wasting no time.

If it’s documents that are needed in addition to what you presented, go ahead and produce them as fast as possible and present them.

If it is information that has been omitted, provide that information as fast as possible. Don’t waste any time.

  1. Remember to go with your visa fee.

Don’t forget to go with a visa fee for all the members in your application. And more so, come with it in cash. Carry it in cash in your local currency. You don’t have to convert it to the United States dollars. Go with the money in cash and in the local currency. If this need to be converted to the United States currency, you will be informed there.

  1. Prepare for the interview all of you as the members in the application.

If you are the principal applicant, prepare as the principal applicant and let your derivatives as well prepare for questioning. During the interview, the consular officer may spill the question over to your derivatives. Let them also be aware of that.

  1. Let the information that you provided right from the onset during the application or the entry to the DV program all the way to the interview, be consistent.
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There should not be discrepancies in the information provided in whichever level of the DV process. The details in the application should conform with the details in the DS-260 form and in the medical examination and also in the responses that you provide during the interview. They should be consistent.

In connection with that, no cooked up stories should be in your DV process. Everything should be straight and correct and truthful. Because if there is any doubt in your process, then that can lead to fraud and visa denial consequently.

  1. Remember to comply with all the requirements that your embassy stated on the website, all the requirements that the embassy outlined, comply with them, leave none out.

Before you go for the interview, make sure you go through the checklist. Make sure you go through the requirements by your embassy and stick them to the letter. And again, never panic because it is the simplest of the interviews.

Questions are just directed to you based on your information. Only what pertains to you will be asked. There is no point of panicking. If at all the information you provided are truthful and legitimate, there is no point of you getting worried and panicking.

Be composed, be calm, and the questions are simple and easy. Answer them directly.

I hope this information will be useful to all DV winners preparing for their interview.

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