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4 Important Things You Might Easily Forget When Filling The DS-260 Form | DV Lottery

Let discuss four (4) important things that you might have forgotten or you might forget while filling the DS-260 form. This is very important and very crucial to the success of your DV process.

4 Important Things You Might Easily Forget When Filling The DS-260 Form

  1. Medical Section

The first one is regarding the medical section. There is a part on the DS-260 form that regards the medical, and specifically that part that requests you or asks you whether you have any form of documentation to prove that you have received the vaccines as per the United States law.

On that very part where you are supposed to check either a yes or no, regarding whether you have the documentation to prove whether you have received all the vaccinations. On that section, you are supposed to select yes.

You might ask, but I’ve not received the vaccinations, why should I fill a yes?

First of all, whether or not you have received those vaccinations as per the U.S government law, you are supposed to select yes. If you select no, do it at your own risk, but select yes. Below are reasons:

(i) This question applies during the interview when you are before the consulate or the officer interviewing you. At that time, this question applies at that time. That is when you will be required to present the proof of the vaccination, and that proof of vaccination, you get it from your medical examination.

Remember, you get your medical examinations prior to the interview, which means you will have received all the necessary vaccinations that you don’t have. If you don’t have any of the vaccination or some of the vaccinations, then you will get them administered to you during the medical examination.

So when selecting these, select a yes. Don’t forget this during filling the DS-260 form.

  1. Social Security Number

Another thing that people mess up when filling or they might forget during filling the DS-260 form is on that part that talks on the Social Security Number information towards the end of the DS-260 form.

That section that requests you if you can give authorization to the United States government, that is the Homeland Security Department, or the Social Security Administration to access your information on the DS-260 form for them to assign you a Social Security Number.

In that section, you are supposed to check either a yes or no. You might choose to deny them access, or you might select to allow them the access. That is the best way, giving them access to your information for them to assign you a social security number, as well as that social security card.

So when filling that part, ensure you check on the yes button. Select yes that you authorize the access of your information to the Home Land Security Department and the Social Security Administration and any other government office, for them to assign you the Social Security Number.

When you select that option, which is a yes, that means when you land in the United States, you will not be required to do another application for the Social Security Number.

If you select a no, then upon landing in the United States, you will be required to do an application for the Social Security Number with the United States.

You’ll go to the Social Security Administration Office and do an application. So why go through this process? You can save yourself from this whole process by choosing Yes on the DS-260 form to allow those administrations to access your information.

  1. Creating DS-260 forms for your derivatives

Remember, as a principal applicant, you fill the DS-260 form and you include all the information, including those of your derivatives. Once you have finished up with your DS-260 form as the principal applicant, you need to create other DS-260 forms for your derivatives for each one of them.

If you have a spouse, you create her DS-260 form. If you have kids, you create for each one of them. Many people forget doing this. Remember to create DS-260 forms for each and every one in your application.

  1. Printing Confirmation pages for each and every member in your application

Another thing that people forget is to print their confirmation pages for each and every member in the application, i.e your derivatives.

So upon finishing and submitting your form DS-260, together with those of your derivatives, if you have, then you need to print the confirmation pages for each one of you.

These confirmation pages are important during the medical examination, as well as during the interview. You will be required to present these confirmation pages for each and every one in your application.

Those are just four of the things that you might forget when filling the DS-260 form.

I hope this information is very useful to you.

DISCLAIMER: This post and content is designed for general information only and is NOT legal advice. This site is not offering any Diversity Visa and is not the official site for DV Lottery program. The information presented in this post should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

If you have any questions about the DV lottery, please contact an immigration professional/officer or a licensed attorney.


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