Apply for a Job via Email with Your Resume/CV


Learning how to apply for a job via email with Resume/CV is very important. Make sure to keep your job application email brief and get to the point quickly.

You’ve found a job that looks promising, you’ve got the required skills and experience, you’ve crafted a cover letter & polished off your resume, all you need to do is to make a great impression and land that interview.

Tips for emailing a resume to an employer:

  • Follow the directions from the job ad. Remember, you have to play by their rules.
  • Attach your resume and a cover letter in the proper format. Usually, PDFs work best, but double-check with the job offer: some employers only accept DOC files.
  • Find the hiring manager’s name and email address. Send your resume email directly to them.
  • Use a strong subject line. Include the name of the position, the offer id, and spice it up with some personal branding.
  • Make your resume email short. It’s not your cover letter all over again. Focus only on your most stellar achievements.
  • Finish with a call to action. Say that you’re eager to meet in person to discuss how you can contribute to your prospective employer’s success.

How to apply for a job via email sample

  1. Your email address

Making a good impression starts with the email address you are sending your job application from. This is not the time to use that inappropriate email address you’ve had since you were under 18. If you don’t have one yet, now is the time to set yourself up with a professional sounding email address. A simple, yet good-looking option is to use a close variation of your full name. For example:

  1. The email subject

If the job offer asks for applying via email, check if the employer demands all applicants to use the same subject line. The subject line of your email application is important to get right & another opportunity to appear organised & professional. You want to explain who you are & what you’re applying for, all in one short line. E.g “Sales Assistant Application- Steve Mike”

  1. The email body

You should never leave the body of an email empty when applying for a job by email. This is like a mini cover letter for the employer as it’s the first thing they will read. It should make them want to learn more about you.

Try something like this:

(i) Dear Hiring Manager,

Please find attached a copy of my CV for the advertised role.

I have two years’ experience in branding and marketing.

My core skills include [INSERT YOUR SKILLS HERE].

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

(ii) Dear Sir/Ma,

I have attached a copy of my CV & Cover Letter for the marketing role advertised on your website.

I am passionate about ………………….

I look forward to being interviewed & joining you immediately.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

Kind regards

Your Full Names

  1. The attachments

It is really important to give your attachments professional sounding names. Sure, you may be preparing a series of cover letters, but you don’t want to send something called ‘Cover Letter version 10’. To be safe, use your full name. For example: Steve Mike CV

  1. Your email signature

It’s important to include an email signature at the bottom of your email so that employers can quickly and easily find your contact details. Include your full name, phone number and email address so they can see how to contact you at a glance.

It should look something like this:

Your Full Names Here

Phone: [Insert Your Phone Number Here]

Email: [Insert Your Email Address Here]

Pay attention to each of these steps and you will have the best chance of impressing the hiring manager and being asked for an interview. Make sure all your document are ready.

Best of luck!