Marriage, Fiancé and Spouse Issues In DV Lottery | How It Affect Your Visa Approval


This guide is about Marriage, Fiancé and Spouse Issues in DV Lottery, and how it affect your Visa Approval.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage in DV Lottery

  • Can I marry after applying the DV lottery or after winning DV lottery?
  • Will marrying after applying for DV lottery reduce your chances of getting the visa approved?
  • If you applied as married and got separated or divorced, how do you go about it?

When you applied for the DV lottery, continue with life as normal, and if you are planning to marry, continue with the marriage process and get married. Even though you applied as a single, because at that time you are not married, continue with the marriage process and get married legally.

By you doing so, you don’t risk or reduce your chances of getting your visa approved once you win the DV lottery. You don’t reduce or risk so long as you continue with your marriage process legally and you end up marrying legally, there is no reduction in your visa approval or winning the DV lottery.

Don’t allow anyone get you discouraged from getting married after applying for DV lottery. Though there are some things you need to take note of, i.e

  • Once you get married and you are filling the DS-260 form, you need to add your spouse in the DS-260 form.

You add him or her in your DS-260 form. Don’t leave your spouse out. Even if you applied as single and you’re married, you add your spouse in your DS-260 form.

  • The other thing is that, you will be required to prove the legality of your marriage and that is by producing the marriage certificate.

In all embassies, you have to prove that you are legally married to this spouse.

  • You will have to prove the evidence of your existing relationship even before the results were out or even before you applied for the DV lottery.

You need to arm yourself with the proof documents of your existing relationship, prior the application or the DV results.

If you do those things, the certificate and the proof, you are very safe. Nothing will hinder you from getting your visa approved.

  • If you applied as married and got separated or divorced, how do you go about it?

If you applied the DV lottery as married because you are married, but later on you got separated, you are now living separate ways or you got divorced, what should you do? You just indicate in the DS-260 form that you are divorced or you are separated. But you need to have the separation documents or the divorce papers with you.

If you don’t have the divorce papers or the separation documents, then you cannot claim that you are divorced, because these proof documents will be requested. If you cannot prove it, then you definitely will not succeed in the DV interview.

Only if you have the documents should you feel separated. But if you are separated or you consider yourself divorced, yet you don’t have the papers, you’ll have to continue as married.

And if you continue as married, when you go to the interview, you just simply say that your spouse is not willing to immigrate with you and that’s why they are not in the DV interview. They refuse to immigrate with you, and by so doing, you’ll be successful.

So if you don’t have proof papers of divorce or your separation, continue as married, and say that your spouse is not willing to immigrate with you, by that you’ll be safe and your visa will be approved.

  • When your spouse refuses to relocate with you

If you are married but your spouse refuses to immigrate with you to the U.S, that is not a problem and it will not reduce your chances of getting selected. You just indicate that your spouse is not immigrating with you.


When you go to the interview, you will go as the spouse not immigrating with you, and you’ll get your visa approved if you are successful, it will not hinder you from getting your visa. If he or she does not want to go with you, it is well and good. You just indicate not immigrating with you.

But note this, if during your DV application, your country of birth was not qualified for the DV program, and you went ahead to use your spouse’s country of birth and the spouse’s country of birth was eligible for the DV lottery, if you used the country of eligibility of your spouse, and at this point that spouse refuses to immigrate with you, then that becomes a problem.

Because you by yourself, you are not eligible based on the country of your birth, but your spouse’s country of birth that you used is the one that made you eligible. So if he or she refuses to immigrate with you, you can’t proceed with the process because you’ll not get successful.

Because the country of eligibility that you choose was that of your spouse, what you need to do is to talk with your spouse, for him or her agree to proceed with you through the DV interview. After the interview, if you are successful, then the spouse can decide to remain behind and let you go. That would be the only way in this scenario.

  • If you mistakenly selected married yet you are single, is it correctable?

When filling the DV lottery application form during the DV entry, you need to be extremely careful.

When you are selecting your status during the DV application and you are single, for example, but you mistakenly select that you are married, either to a United States citizen or not to a United States citizen, it is incorrectible. You cannot correct it. If it can be corrected, it would be during the DV interview.

During the interview, if you are able to express yourself to the consular, the interviewing consular officer, that you had made a mistake, it was erroneous that you selected married and the consular officer get convinced, then he or she can let you go through.

But the question is, how can you do that? How will the consular believe you? How will the consular know that you’re telling the truth?

It is a hard process, but if you can well explain that you mistakenly selected it and also prove that, then you can get your visa approved.

But know this, if you mistakenly did that mistake, your chances of getting the visa approved is very minimum.

When filling or entering the DV lottery, you need to be very careful on which boxes you are checking, let them be correct, take your time and don’t just rush through, make sure you select the correct status.

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