DV-2025: Can I Update or Change my DV Lottery application if after submitting I realize I made a mistake?


Can I Update or Change my DV Lottery application if after submitting I realize I made a mistake? Can I edit my DV lottery application after submission?

Can I go ahead and do another DV lottery application, if I found out I’ve made a mistake, a technical error, misspelling of my name, or I did a mistake maybe on my date of birth, or I put a wrong passport photo, will I be able to go back and edit the application?

Can I go and do another application without having any repacaution or any punishment on that?

Those are much related, similar questions, which will be answer in this guide.

Can I edit my DV lottery application after submission?

The diversity visa lottery application is different from the visa form like the DS-260, which is the Department of State form number 260, the visa form (immigrant visa form).

Whether you are applying for student visa, DS-160, non-immigrant visa form, or the immigrant visa form (DS-260), when you are filling those type of visa form, after winning or you want to visit U.S, those types of form are the form you create account first before you start the application.

By creating account, you have a username, you have a login information. You can log in, do the application, sign out, come back later and continue the application. That can be done when filling a visa form, maybe after winning or you want to go as a student or you want to go as a tourist or you are married to American citizens and you have to go to America to join your family.

But if you are applying for the diversity visa, DV lottery, Green Card Lottery application, unfortunately, is not the form where you are going to create the account.

If you are filling the DV lottery form and you end up in the middle of the form application, that application is not registered. That is incomplete application, is not a full successful application.

There is no way you can fill DV lottery application form halfway, then go out, maybe to eat or do something else and then come back to continue. No, it doesn’t work that way. When you stop in the middle of the application, maybe you went out, if you come back, you will start a brand new application. There is no login or create account information.

A successful diversity visa application is the application which is done through the government-authorised official website, dvprogram.state.gov.

Once you finish applying, it will give the word of “success”. It will give you a last name, year of birth, and confirmation number. That is a successful complete application.

Let’s say after the successful completion of DV lottery application, you come back to realize that when you was writing your email, maybe you put an incorrect email address, if you do that type of mistake, there is no way you can be able to correct your application.

What if when you are filling the form, you put a wrong spelling in your names? or maybe you put wrong date of birth in dv lottery, maybe you start with the date, month, year (which is wrong), instead of month, day and year (which is correct). Are you going to change that? No, you can’t change that.

You can correct those information after winning, when filling DS-260 form. But once the DV lottery submission is complete, is a successful application, there is no way you can correct, or can edit anything.


You can make a mistake of the spelling, you can make the mistake of date of birth, but if you put the incorrect passport photo, even if you win the diversity visa lottery, you’ll be denied.

Don’t rush to do the application, make out time and fill the form properly without distraction. Just make sure that you put the correct passport photo, make sure you have the correct date of birth, make sure you have correct name spelling, make sure you fill the correct number of children you have and you put their names, the correct names, date of birth, place of birth, and their photos. Put the correct information about your spouse.

Once you click the button Submit and it say Success, you cannot do anything.

Some people, when they encounter error while filling the form, they do another application thinking that if they do another application, they will be able to correct that information. That’s wrong.

The computer, the Department of State has no way to determine that when you put your correct or wrong email address, wrong or correct date of birth, they are not going to match with that. Let say you were born April 1, 1998, and you filled February 2, 1998, they are not going to know that you’re supposed to fill April 1, 1998. They are not going to know that it was supposed to be the correct information.

Once you put that information for them, that is the correct information. Don’t try to do another application because when do another application, it will be a duplicate application.

Even if the date of birth might be different, they are going to track you with your passport photo. They will be able to match you with your name. There is a software using all the old information like face cognition. The photo you put in, they will match it as been registered into the system.

Nowadays, they may tell you that your information has been stored into the system. If you go ahead to apply, it is at your own risk, you are going to do a duplicate application. For that particular case, you are going to be denied. So don’t do a duplicate application. Don’t do a second application. Don’t try to play smart to do another application.

Even by changing the name or changing the date of birth or changing the country of birth, you are not going to change your face. There is a face recognition feature software to be determining whether you did another application.

If you make any mistake, leave it that way. Win and correct that information when filling DS-260 form. But don’t try to correct it by doing another application.

Can I edit my DV lottery application after submission? I hope this question is now answered.

Thank you so much and I wish you all the best in the DV-2025 lottery application.

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