How to Describe Yourself in a Job Interview

This post will teach how to DESCRIBE YOURSELF in a Job Interview by using powerful words and sentences that will impress any hiring manager.

Right at the very start of your interview, the hiring manager will say to you, “How would you describe yourself”. The answer you give will be the difference between a pass or fail.

If you have an interview coming up soon for any role or company, read this post very well because it to help you pass at the very first attempt.

To help you pass your job interview at the first attempt, below are things this post will cover:

  • 11 incredibly powerful words to use to describe yourself in an interview and explain what each one means.

If you use any of these 11 words when answering that difficult interview question, how would you describe yourself? They will definitely make the hiring manager sit up and listen.

  • Three powerful answers to that interview question, “How would you describe yourself”


  • Performance-driven

If you are a performance-driven employee, it means all of your work is focused on achieving positive results for your employer and getting things done.

  • Cost-conscious

If you are cost-conscious, it means you never waste company supplies and resources. Instead, you are a frugal worker who takes care of supplies and resources and tries to streamline company systems and processes to help your employer save money and increase profits.

  • Resourceful

Someone that is resourceful has the ability to quickly find clever ways to overcome challenges and problems. Most employees leave problems for others to deal with, but a resourceful person will take ownership of the problem and create a solution.

  • Versatile

An employee who is versatile can do many things and they are not afraid to try out new tasks or take on responsibilities because it broadens their skill set and widens their knowledge.

Hiring managers love to hire versatile employees because they give so much more back to a company than the average person.

  • Detail-oriented

If you are detail-oriented, it means you rarely make mistakes and can be trusted to get on with your work and complete it to a very high standard. Detail-oriented people are great to have in a team because they bring the standards up of everyone else.

  • Troubleshooter

Someone who is a troubleshooter loves to solve difficult problems and challenges. Troubleshooters enjoy solving problems and they are great to have working in companies because they quickly find ways to help a team or organization progress.

  • Passionate

I love employing passionate people in my business because they are positive, love their work, get more work completed than the average person, and they are reliable.

  • Trustworthy

All hiring managers want to employ people that are trustworthy. If you are trustworthy, it means you will do your work without being supervised, are honest, loyal to the company brand, and will never disclose confidential information or give away company secrets.

  • Goal-oriented

I am a goal-oriented person. Every week, I set myself several goals to achieve and I never fail. Goal-oriented people are focused on reaching a specific objective and accomplishing their task in the fastest time possible.

  • Commercially aware

If someone is commercially aware, it means they have a basic understanding of how a business operates and that they must do a good job to help their employer become the market leader. Commercially aware employees are vital in teams because they care about the success of the business.

  • Innovative

Someone who is innovative will introduce new and original ideas to the team. They will be creative in their thinking and seek opportunities in the industry to help the company improve, grow, and succeed.

There’s 11 incredibly powerful words to use when describing yourself in your job interview.

How to Answer Describe Yourself in a Job Interview

Below are three powerful answers to this interview question.

Question: How would you describe yourself?

How Would You Describe Yourself Best Answer 1:

“I would describe myself as a passionate and trustworthy employee who loves their work, wants to make a positive difference to their team, and who thrives when under pressure.

I am commercially aware, meaning I understand how a business operates and that I must do a great job for you to ensure you become the market leader.

Finally, I would describe myself as performance-driven. I am someone who gets their work completed quickly to a high standard and can be relied upon to achieve challenging goals every week.”

How Would You Describe Yourself Best Answer 2:

“I would describe myself as positive, loyal, supportive, and driven.

In my last job, my manager often praised me for my attention to detail, versatility, and my willingness to carry out tasks that were outside of my job description.

I would also describe myself as attentive. I am someone who never makes mistakes, and my innovative approach to work means I will bring new and original ideas to the team to ensure your business continually grows and thrives.”

How Would You Describe Yourself Best Answer 3:

“I would describe myself as goal-oriented, cost-conscious, trustworthy, and data-driven. I always set myself goals to achieve, which will ensure you see a positive return on your investment if you hire me.

I seek ways to help my employer save money by being frugal with company supplies and resources, and I always analyze information and data carefully to ensure the right decisions are made and the team can take advantage of opportunities in the industry.”

There’s three brilliant top scoring answers to that very difficult question, how to describe yourself in a job interview.

Thank you for reading this post. I wish you all the best for passing your job interview.