Why You Should Keep The Confirmation Number, Even If You Are Not Selected

Did you know that you have to keep your confirmation number with you when you realize you have not been selected DV lottery? Why are you supposed to keep your confirmation number? This guide is for all those that might end up not getting selected for the DV-2024 lottery.

You are supposed to keep your confirmation number because there might be a second selection. A second selection is a possibility because such happened year back like in the year 2018 and the DV lottery 2012.

In fact, for 2012, the whole process of selection had to be redone. But in 2018, when September came, there was a second selection, because they realized the cut off number, the highest one that they had placed, did not suffice the number of visas that was supposed to be issued.

And that was because there were a lot of holes in between and therefore lesser people to fill in the slots for the diversity visas that were supposed to be issued.

Therefore they had to do a second selection to add on those people, that’s it is important to keep the confirmation number, as much as it’s a rare occurrence, but it is also so possible.

So how long are you supposed to keep your confirmation number in case you realized that you are not selected? You keep your confirmation number with you up to the beginning of the interview period for that DV lottery.

In this case, as the results for the DV-2024 Lottery has been released, the interviews for the DV Lottery 2024 will only begin as from the 1 October this year. So keep your confirmation number up to October of this year.

Around October this year if there might be need for a second selection process, then they will do it around that time, and around that time you can recheck whether they have done the selection again.

If they have done it and you check, then you can find out that you have been selected or not. But note that this is a rare occurrence. It happened in 2012 and in 2018. So just keep your confirmation number with you till that time.

Does this mean a second chance? Well, to some extent, but not as promising because these occurrences, they happen rarely.

I hope this information comes to you at the right time, so that out of desperation when you realize you’ve not been selected or out of anything, you don’t dump your confirmation number but be with it.

If you have lost or misplaced your confirmation number, read this>>> How To Retrieve Lost or Misplaced DV Lottery Confirmation Number, to check DV-2024 Results.

I wish you all the best and I wish you success.

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