Specific Proof Documents For Principal Applicant and Derivatives For DV Interview


There are documents that you need as the principal applicant and documents that are needed by the derivatives for DV Interview. Some are needed by the principal applicants and will not be needed by the derivatives. Read this guide to the end and understand this.

Specific Proof Documents For Principal Applicant For DV Interview

Below are those documents needed by the principal applicant for DV interview:

Birth certificate: The original birth certificate, and the notarized one.

Passport: This passport should be valid, it should be valid beyond six months after the interview.

Marriage Certificate: This document is for those married principal applicants, they need the marriage certificate, both the original and the notarized. Some few consulates will not request of the notarized, but you need the notarized marriage certificate as a requirement.

Police Clarence Certificate: The principal applicant will need the Police Clarence Certificate. Read this guide on the Police Clarence Certificate.

There are four places from where you will need the Police Clarence Certificate.

  1. The first place is the country of your birth. If you have lived in the country and you are above the 16 years of age in the country of your birth, then you need a police clearance certificate from that country, even if at the moment you’re not living in your country of birth.
  2. The second place is all the past countries that you’ve lived for more than 12 months, if you are above the age of 16.
  3. The third one is the country of current residence, the country in which you are living at the moment and you have lived for more than six. If you have lived for more than six months in the current country of residence, you need the police clearance certificate. This is the country in which you are not born.
  4. The fourth one, this one does not depend on the time you’ve lived there. If you have ever been convicted in a country, regardless of the time that you’ve lived there, even if it is one week or one day or two weeks or one month or three months, you need to get a police clearance certificate from that country.

Academic Documents

The other document needed by the principal applicant are the academic documents. For the high school diploma, you have to notarize it. Any other academic document above high school, it’s not a must that you notarize, but for the high school, it is a must.

Second Notification Letter

The other document that the principal applicant need is the second notification letter printed in hard copy.

Confirmation Page of the DS-260 form

The other document is the confirmation page of the DS-260 form printed in hard copy. Read more on Confirmation Page of the DS-260 form here.

Court Records: The other document is the court records. If you have ever been convicted, you need the court records, notarized.

Military Document: If you’ve ever served in a military, you need those notarized documents.

There are other documents that are needed by the principal applicant, but they are not listed in the checklist, and they are very important documents.

The first one is a notarized copy of the translated documents. If the embassy you are attending your interview is in a different language from the language in your country, the language in which your documents are printed, then you need to translate the documents and they should be notarized. That applies to the principal applicants that are doing their interviews on different country that has different language system from what their documents are printed in.

The other one that you would need is the Affidavit of Support. The Affidavit of Support needed for the diversity visa is the Form I-134, not Form I-864.

Yes the diversity visa is an immigrant visa, but for this, the document needed is Form I-134. It is Form I-134, not I-864. The accompanying documents to the Form I-134 are:

  • the tax transcript,
  • form of identification for the sponsor (either the passport, the naturalization document, the driver’s license, etc) and
  • the recent pay slips.

Form DS-5535

The other document required for some few embassies is the form DS-5535. This form is not a must because it is a form for additional information that you could have left when filling the DS-260 form, like the social media account, the relative information and everything. But it’s not a must in some embassies. You are free to go with it, just to be safe, if your embassy has that habit of requesting for that.

Then some few embassies in Africa as well, we require an affidavit to show that you are single, if you’re not a married main applicant. If you are a single, they require some certificate from the government registry to prove that you are single.

For the principal applicant, those were the main documents that are needed for their DV interview.

Specific Proof Documents For The Derivatives For DV Interview

On the side of the derivatives, there are documents that the principal should have, but the derivatives should not. Below is outline of what they will need:

  • They will need the birth certificate, original and notarized.
  • They will need the passports.
  • They will need the police clearance certificate, if they are above the age of 16, and they will follow all the instructions about the police clearance certificate.
  • They will have their confirmation pages printed in hard copy. As the principal applicant, you also need to print the confirmation pages for the derivatives because they will need those documents.

In Conclusion

Emphasizing on the affidavit of support, the affidavit of support is only needed by the principal applicant. The derivatives, they don’t need to have that document. Because the affidavit of support, as filled by the sponsor, it has the principal applicant and the derivatives listed in there. So only one affidavit of support for the principal applicant, and it will stand for the derivatives.

I hope you’ve gotten what is needed as per the document.

Question: My parents name are misspelled on my birth certificate, should i get a new one?

Answer: Yes if possible.

Question: Do I still need to fill affidavit of support form I-134 for the interview if I am sponsoring myself as a dv winner?

Answer: No, just get the bank statements to show your savings.

Question: If someone goes to the dv interview with the transcripts, meaning he’s still at the university, is he still required to present the notary certificate for the transcripts at the university?

Answer: No, just use your high school certificate, just simply. No difference.

Question: What if your host is one of your family members, do you need that I-134 form??

Answer: Yes, you need it and rest of documents required.

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