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DV Interview Question: Why Are You Going To The U.S.A? | What Are You Going To Do In The U.S?

There is this interview question that many people are concerned about, when you are at the interview desk, that is the DV lottery interview. This guide will focus on why are you going to the U.S answer and why do you want to go to the U.S interview questions.

DV Interview Question

The officer there, that is the consular, poses this question to you about, why are you intending to go to the United States? He or she may also ask you, what are you going to do in the United States?

This questions, when you look at it clearly and through experience and also through many testimonials, what the consul officer or the embassy is trying to deduce from you is, what are your laid plans of you immigrating to the United States? What have you planned about your stay there?

Remember very well that;

  • this is not a temporary visa. It’s not a temporary stay. This is a permanent stay.
  • this is not based on any merit. It was just a random selection and you are lucky.

Therefore, you’re not immigrating to the United States on the merit of your experience, your work experience. You’re not going there for a job position. You are just going there because you won the DV lottery.

So the consular officer will be wanting to know, how are you going to drive life over there? How are you going to sustain yourself over there? What are you going to do over there? What is the reason as to why you’re going over there? Why did you apply for the DV lottery? Those questions should run inside your mind.

What are you supposed to answer or how are you supposed to handle this question? Remember that you had applied for the DV lottery and you had a reason as to why you really longed to have a permanent stay in the United States.

You might be having one reason or the other. In most cases, if not all, is because you’re going to better your life.

Maybe the life that you are currently living, where you are now from whichever country you are in is not satisfactory enough. You want somewhere where you can better your life and that could be the reason as to why you played the lottery.

Since you have all those reasons, you have an answer to this question. Also, because you want to better your life, when you are successfully selected and you win the green card lottery, which means that you want to go there and do things that will better your life, e.g getting job employment, or doing some businesses.

Something to improve your life, of course, is something that will bring in some cash to better your life. So either you will seek for an employment, you will self-employ, or you do something that will bring resources to your family, resources to yourself to better your life.

Therefore, these things are the same things that you should base your answer when you’re answering the Consular officer.

If this question is asked to you, why are you going to the United States? Or what are you going to do in the United States? Then your answer should be around this argument.

You’re supposed to tell the Consular officer that you intending to go to the United States because you want to go there, live and work and also maybe study.

For example:

“I want to go and work and study”

That’s just a good example.

You can say that you want to go there and join the military, which is a very good answer as well.

The answer that you give will determine whether the consular officer will be confident enough in you to issue a visa to you. Because if you are asked, Why are you going to the United States? Or What are you going to do? And then you don’t have any answer, you become messed up.

Maybe you just won the green card lottery and you had no reason, and then you’re just joyous that you’re going to the United States. You don’t have any plan, then you lack an answer to that question. You become confused.

Maybe you say, I’m going there because I won the green card. Then the Consular Officer definitely will see that you don’t have any solid reason as to where you’re relocating to the United States. You might risk becoming a public charge, a person that will need government support to sustain his life over there. This is what the United States government does not want.

So if you don’t have any reason, then you risk your visa approval. You may not receive your visa.

The very best reason that you should have in your mind when applying for the DV lottery should be to better your life. Better your life means doing activities that will bring resources to your family. That’s a good reason to give there.

Be plain and simple and tell the consular officer that you want to go to the United States because you want to go there and work and also study, because you want to better your life as you better the economy of the United States.

I hope this guide have answered this DV interview question, why are you Going to the U.S.A? or what are you going to do in the U.S?

Thank you so much for reading this guide.

DISCLAIMER: This post and content is designed for general information only and is NOT legal advice. This site is not offering any Diversity Visa and is not the official site for DV Lottery program. The information presented in this post should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

If you have any questions about the DV lottery, please contact an immigration professional/officer or a licensed attorney.


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