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Cost of Diversity Visa Lottery

DV Winners Get These Before You Attend The DV Interview

DV Winners Interview

All DV winners/selectee preparing for the DV lottery interview, below are things you need to get/know before you attend the DV interview: You are supposed to be punctual when attending the DV lottery interview. You are supposed to come with all the civil documents that you have, plus all the …

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3 Conditions Before Diversity Visa Winner Can Receive Second Notification Letter, 2NL

Conditions Before Diversity Visa Winner Can Receive Second Notification Letter

This second notification letter, 2NL is the appointment to the Diversity Visa interview. As a DV winner, there are three conditions that must be fulfilled before you get this second notification letter. If you are there and you’re waiting for your second notification letter and you haven’t received, you should …

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How Much Does DV Cost After Winning? | Diversity Visa | Green card Lottery Expenses

How Much Does DV Cost After Winning

Cost of Diversity Visa Lottery: After selection, how much are you supposed to arm yourself with to comfortably go through the process until you land in the United States? In this guide, we will discuss about how much the Diversity Visa will cost you after you’ve realized you’ve been selected …

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