The Second Email Response From KCC | Requesting Your Case Status From KCC

Still on the series of the email responses that you can possibly get from KCC upon sending an inquiry email, then we are on the second response.

The Second Email Response From KCC

On this second response, it reads:

“Thank you for your inquiry.

Your DS-260 form has been processed. You should have received or will soon receive an email from KCC giving you instructions to complete in order for your case to continue processing. Please follow the instructions in the email.

Interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have completed processing. Please refer to the visa bulletin at to locate the current numbers being processed.

This visa bulletin is updated after the 15th day of each month. Once an interview date has been scheduled, you will receive notification via email to check

In order for KCC to assist you with inquiries regarding a specific diversity visa (DV) case, you must provide the principal’s full names, complete case number, and the birth date in the following format (MM/DD/YYYY) as entered in the original entry.

Please remember that KCC does not have authority to tell you whether or not your specific case will be disqualified.

Only a consular officer can do that at the time of your visa interview. Do not send any documents to Kentucky Counseling Center. For additional information, please refer to the following……………….”

This is the second email response that you might receive if you request, and as you can see clearly, this now indicates that KCC has fully opened your DS260 form and has gone through it to process it, and they are through with processing it.

It says that you should have received a notification or soon you might receive a notification. This notification is the second notification letter after your DS260 form has been processed.

Then your current for interview scheduling and your case has been reached by the embassy, then you can receive this second notification letter.

This email clearly tells us that interviews are scheduled numerically in that order, from the low case number to the high case number. It also points out the importance of following or keeping up with the visa bulletins.

The visa bulletins are normally released after the 15th day of the month, as indicated, and you should keep track of the visa bulletin.

The point being that you can be able to know which cases are current or are currently being processed by the embassies, which cases are ready for the interview scheduling. Those are the major points that we see in this email.

Further on, it is only the consular officer can tell you whether you are successful or not during the time of the interview.

This is the email that you will receive from KCC once your request for your case status and your DS260 form has been processed and now waiting for your case number to become current.

Thank you for reading this guide, stick around for the next email that you might receive.

I know you find this information very useful to you.

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