Can Your DV Confirmation Number / DV Case Number Be Stolen?


Can someone steal your DV Confirmation Number / DV case number and use it as his or her own? This is what will be answer in this guide.

Remember that you get your confirmation number once you have successfully submitted your DV lottery entry. That’s when you receive your confirmation number.

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Can someone steal your DV Confirmation Number / DV Case Number?

Confirmation number is a 16 combination of digits and letters. This number is unique to every applicant and it is the number that you will use to check whether you have been selected or you have not been selected. It is unique to you.

When it comes to someone stealing your case number, can someone really steal it? The answer is a no. You should keep your confirmation number private and personal. But if someone by any chance comes across your confirmation number, there’s no way they can impersonate you. This is something that is impossible.

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Remember that when filling in your diversity visa application, you filled your details, your personal information, and no one knows about your personal information.

Even if someone tries to impersonate you by using your DV confirmation number, it will be of no use because even if he or she checks the results and finds that you are selected, he/she cannot impersonate you and use your details because he or she might not be knowing your details.

Even if they know your details, they can never be you. The passport photo, it can never resemble him or her. Your photo will never be the photo of your imposter or the person stealing your information.

Your travel documents will never be the same. So even if he/she gets access to your first notification letter (2NL) and tries to proceed with the processing, he or she will never succeed, so it can never be stolen.


It has never been heard of since the DV Lottery program was initiated, so it can never be stolen. The same case applies to the case numbers. Nobody can steal your case number.

The case number is unique to you and it is your own. It is the number to which your details have been attached to. When filling the DS-260, this is the number that you’re using. When receiving the second notification letter (2NL), the same number that you will be using at your interview.

You will use same case number to fill the DS-260 form. So only your details will be used and no one can try to fake out information to try to look like you and succeed because they cannot produce any form of document that is legit to prove that they are the ones.

The photos, they are different. Everything is totally different. So the idea about stealing your case number is impossible. It has never been heard of and it can never even succeed.

So your case number and your confirmation number is safe with you. Even if an imposter get access to these numbers, they can never use it in the right way. It can never benefit them.

Don’t worry about someone knowing your confirmation number. Keep it personal. But if someone comes across it, there is no problem and nothing to worry about it.

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I hope this information is clear and it’s useful.

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