The Fifth Email Response From KCC | When Your DV Interview Has Been Schedule At U.S Embassy


This is the fifth possible email response that you might get from KCC. This email is specifically on DV interview date at the U.S embassy in your country of residence.

The Fifth Email Response From KCC | When Your DV Interview Has Been Schedule At U.S Embassy

“Thank you for your inquiry.

An interview for this case has been scheduled at the American Embassy in [it will mention your interview venue, your embassy].

You will receive a notification letter by email within the next 7 to 10 days from Within 3 to 5 days of receiving the letter, you will be able to log into to verify your interview date.

Please follow the instructions provided at for the interview preparations and fee payment.

The Kentucky Consular Center has completed the process of your case and forwarded it to the interviewing office. Further inquiries should be addressed to the interviewing officer listed above and you should carry any new or change information with you to the interview appointment.”

That’s it. So let’s just go through some points that have been pointed in the email above.

This is the email that you get from KCC in response to your inquiry email.

It says that an interview for this case number has been scheduled. Meaning that when you send the request email to KCC, had been scheduled and this means that if you have not received any notification to your email telling you to check the for a notification, then within 7 to 10 days you are supposed to receive that notification.

For example, when your case becomes current and the embassy has a slot for you, they will allow KCC to send or to transfer your details and your information to them. After they transfer to you, consequently, the KCC will send you a notification letter and also send you a notification via your email.

The email that you used in your application, which must be the same email that you filled in the DS-260 form because it should be so.

So through that same email, they will send you a noreply email notification. It will tell you that you have a notification in the that you’re supposed to go and check.

It also says after you’ve gotten your second notification letter, within 3 to 5 days, you are supposed to verify your appointment.


What are you supposed to do within the 3 to 5 days after the second notification letter? You are supposed to create an account with your embassy, at least for most of the embassies, and then you book an online appointment with the embassy, by so you’ll be verifying your appointment date.

Still while doing that, don’t you forget to register with a courier service to deliver your passport, once you get successful. Also don’t forget to book a medical appointment.

You will follow that link that is shown in the email response and then you’ll go to the list of consulates and then you select your embassy and view all the pre-interview checklists.

Remember there are documents not mentioned in the pre-interview checklist like the affidavit of support that you need. After checking the interview preparations, if you need to make any changes, you go with the new information that you are intending to update, go with it to the interview.

The next email that you might get will be different because you’re not supposed to request for any status for you to receive this next email. It is the notification telling you that you have your second notification letter in the

Below are other email responses that you might receive from KCC:

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